All the Devil's Men



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 2023


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William Fichtner as Brennan
Elliot Cowan as McKnight
Gbenga Akinnagbe as Samuelson
Sylvia Hoeks as Leigh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ttrimble-43363 10 / 10

Hard hitting

An excellent movie. Excellent acting, story and battle scenes. Milo brings it. Stoic and emotionless. The people that think that is bad acting have know idea what it is like to be a seasoned soldier. What it can potentially do to the mind.

This is a man's movie. There are a few of us still out here. Let us enjoy a "tough guy" movie made for us. Go watch your own movies made for you. We don't watch your movies and then low score and criticize them because we don't understand them.

Everybody needs to just get over themselves.

Reviewed by kdc-43167 8 / 10

Authentic characters, intensity and betrayal

This film is vastly underrated for starters. The storyline is compelling and the characters are pretty close to what CIA black ops would hire. Emotionally damaged what some might say psychotic or sociopaths but it is never the case. They are all broken. How can you be sure you ask? Because everyone is vetted before joining the military. They are tested as a team and will die for their brothers. Everyone else for the few that have shut down are nothing. On the surface, but underneath it eats away at their souls. They are discarded when no longer useful. The film is intense and it shows how they all feel invincible but in the end they are just as fragile as anyone. Well worth watching.

Reviewed by gazzyace 7 / 10

Very underated and so very much worth checking out

I can't believe this flick only managed a 5! A really well put together little piece, nice action, nice pace, well acted, well written and nicely directed. Like what's the problem man? Gibson was great and offered awesome intensity, those eyes in that review mirror, man oh man! Reminded me of his Dad way back there as Max. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice break from all the tawdry bs CGI crap that's so become the norm these days. Check this one out. 7.5 from me.

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