Amazing Ape


Comedy / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi

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Top cast

Richard Tyson as Dr. Sinclaire
Jessica Morris as Riley

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nickcorning-59213 1 / 10

Absolute nonsensical garbage

Insane, unfollowable, terribly acted, terribly written by a propagandist that thinks cooking food gives children cancer and that vaccines are dangerous. Avoid at all costs - not even worth laughing at.

Reviewed by FridayElmStreet 1 / 10

Beyond Awful.

For those who dont know me well I am always on the look out for extremely bizarre, crazy weird films. I found many over the years like Loving the Bad Man which is a film where a woman befriends and cares for the man who raped her, Cries of the Unborn a film that actually defends abduction and Accidental Activist the film made by a hate group. Now I come across a film that may be one of the craziest of em all. Its called Amazing Ape from 2016. On the surface it looks like a silly but simple family film. But its a extreme propaganda piece.

The film is about a young boy who has a rare form of cancer and has 3 weeks to live. Eventually he befriends a ape named Simon. So what is so crazy about this film? The film has a agenda against many things but the oddest one is that this film heavily opposes any kind of cooked foods. Its a propaganda piece for totally raw foods. One of the messages in this film is that cancer can be cured by doing yoga and having a raw food diet. And in the film it works. The film also opposes toothpaste and shampoo. No joke. The alternative to shampoo is honey. The kid eventually makes a full recovery.

So there we go. Amazing Ape is a film that teaches parents that cooked food is awful for your kids as is toothpaste and shampoo and if your child has cancer its most likely your fault and If someone has cancer it can be easily cured by yoga and raw foods. Its crazy and it deserves a spot on not only my craziest films list but also on my worst 100 because there is nothing remotely positive here. Im pretty surprised two of the actors in this film are pretty well known. Jessica Morris (from many TV and horror films) and Richard Tyson from Kindergarten Cop.

Reviewed by Agent10 2 / 10

I'm embarrassed to be a vegan...

As the title of the review says, I am a vegan. I have been one for 10 years and at several points have tried different types of veganism. At one point, we all give the raw vegan lifestyle a try. And with the exception of a select few, most of us go back to regular vegan lifestyle. For some reason or the other, raw vegans are the most likely to take on some pretty extreme views.

So rapid fire science time. A low oil diet is good for your body, but not carcinogenic. Cooking food does not lose the nutritional value and does not cause cancer. Plastics are not great for you but you can avoid them and also purchase non-bpa plastic. Plus drinking out of plastic containers is not an IV for cancer. A raw food diet or a Whole Foods plant based diet is great for avoiding cancer but does not kill cancer. Vaccines are pretty darn safe. We got a hundred years of proof on that front. Vivisection is worthless. Sorry can't defend it. I will stand with the movie on that.

Okay...boring crap out of the way. This movie is just an insane nightmare of propaganda and eye rolling. Even if you don't know the science behind what I mentioned and what this movie spouts out, I think any person can deduce what they are saying in this movie is generally untrue. Yea, everything poisons us but if you really want to learn a hard truth, living in a city or heck living in a modern environment is poisonous. Our bodies have adapted but it does need help with diet, exercise and rest.

Anyway, the constant stream of propaganda is incredible as well as confusing. Most raw vegans I know absolutely distrust the FDA, but will also use the FDA as a weapon for their agendas. So yeah, choose a side. There is so much bad vegan info in this movie that it is gross. Almond milk needs to soak for a few hours!! Plus honey is not vegan! Ugh, the director of this farce is just the stereotypical California dude with a degree in Google searches.

I can't believe I haven't talked about the movie yet. It's complete nonsense. A kid is about to die from a fast acting cancer while his mom works for the pharmaceutical company that the movie implies "kills" him. Plus we have another story of a primatologist springing a chimpanzee after it was slated for vivisection. I mean, what is this movie!?

We have military officials standing up for animals, kids talking like activists In their 20s who don't know any better, a dumb heist scene, a kiddie love story, implied statutory rape and of course, a chimpanzee possibly being pleasures by sex workers!!!!

This is what I get for watching a movie by a guy with a single name. Pitoff and McG were the warning signs. This might be the worst out of all them.

The chimp costumes were okay at least.

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