2005 [DANISH]

Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1385

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prik 9 / 10

Heart and blood!

I think this is a different kind of action film, actually more a drama than a comedy. I was very fascinated by the shots inside the body with the heart and the blood veins. And the idea about the story taking place in real time also gives quite a special feeling to the film.

Maybe it's not that original to cast Thomas Bo Larsen as the criminal, but it's nice to see the other two new faces in Danish cinema; Paw Heniksen and Helle Fagralid. I think they all do it very well in this intense and original little road movie.

It reminded me about Phone Booth with only one location and real time. You don't really need anymore to make a good drama.

Reviewed by el-28 8 / 10

Good film - bad marketing

It left me breathless! I was hanging off the edge of my seat for the entire film and covering my eyes continuously! The Ambulance is full of nerve-wrecking action - but I must say that my expectations were not met entirely on the comic aspects! After having seen the trailer and chosen to see this film on account of it being an action comedy - I was a little disappointed! In retrospect I think this is due to poor marketing - leading the audience to believe one thing but delivering another! It really IS a good film - it has many layers and was even touching - but when you are mislead in the marketing department you are bound to have some unsatisfied customers! So see this film with new eyes - definitely action - but more drama than comedy (not that it doesn't have some brilliant humor from time to time) - and judge for yourself!

Reviewed by yohannamark 10 / 10


I saw this Danish Feature Film at The Umeå Film festival and found it very special. The whole film takes place in a car (an ambulance) and it all takes place in real time. These two elements themselves give the film a very special atmosphere. Maybe the experiment doesn't work all the way trough the film, but at least it's very original. And the story about the two brothers actually touched me.

I will recommend you to see the film if you meet it at a festival. At least you'll get to see something you haven't seen before. ANd the Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen (who was also in the film Festen) is brilliant as the big brother. I didn't know the other two actors, but they were also giving good performances.

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