American Cowslip



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Val Kilmer as Todd Inglebrink
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rwtmoore 1 / 10


One of the worst movies I've seen. All the characters are one-dimensional, the dialog is insipid, and the characters' motivations make no sense at all. The protagonist is an unemployed, agoraphobic junky, who doesn't pay his rent and doesn't think of anybody but himself. He's disgusting, revolting and selfish. He has not a single redeeming quality, yet everyone loves him. Even his landlord, to which he owes several months rent, says that he really likes him. They don't even mind the fact that he goes weeks without bathing. But what's beyond even those absurdities is the cute teenage girl across the street, who is half his age and is madly in love with him. Yeah, this could happen - in a bizarro universe! I didn't laugh once. All the jokes were juvenile, insipid or lame. It was painful to sit through this. I felt embarrassed for the filmmakers. For example, they put trendy, titillating vulgarities like "corn rocket" and "donkey punch" in the mouths of 70 and 80 year-olds. This concept was beaten like a dead horse at least 15 years ago. And now, it's just sad. Every characters' actions are so implausible that the story falls apart because what they're doing is so completely out of character and nonsensical. It's as if a group of 10 year-olds got together and brainstormed for a story - and then threw in some requisite adult swearing. Who is the target audience? It's clearly written for the 10 year-old mind, so why did they make it an R rated movie? Don't waste your time with this trash.

Reviewed by cekadah 1 / 10

Absolutely Not ! ! ! !

this is a perfect example of producers, writers, and director getting together and deciding to purposefully make a quirky crazy movie, with oddball goofy but lovable characters living in an exaggerated hyper color story book setting and fill the movie with some big Hollywood names! it doesn't work!

the plot line never gets beyond the stunted growth of Ethan's failed and sabotaged attempt to grow an American cowslip flower. none of the neighbors are remotely humorous or funny. Ethan is just so one dimensional the viewer looses interest in his erratic drug addicted reclusive life. and the women on the street all love him and for what reason we don't really know outside of the poker games. and the sudden jack and the beanstalk growth of the cowslip is just silly!

even goofy nonsense movies have to make sense somewhere in the story! this story is just a bunch of ideas thrown together to try to make an instant cult favorite. all it made was an instant failure.

skip it!

Reviewed by ritera1 2 / 10

Amazingly bad

Cut to the chase, this is one of the five worst films that I've ever seen.

Not that they didn't try. There was some decent writing with some elements of structure in there, a good cast, some good acting. I'm not sure where it went wrong, but it went horribly wrong.

Some of the elements may have been bad structure and no substantive story, a lot of overacting by the lead (who probably is much better when restrained), some bad directing and editing. I had enough at about an hour, tearing my hair out at about a hour and a half and very agitated at the hour and fifty minutes it ran. There was also an insincerity about it all, being that I went with someone who used to be a heroin addict. He was agitated that it glamorized something that had nothing good to it. That was bolstered by the pretty 17 year-old girl who was in love with the 30 year-old junkie.

And the frantic nature of the lead was a turn-off enough. There were clunky plot points that were an attempt at a structure, but the end result was listless and unending (with uneven time lines). The characters were colorful but to no end, which made me feel bad for the quality actors who you've just not seen enough.

Skip it. I assumed that this was a first-time director who was enamored by his own turds, but he has done this before. I'm puzzled how this and many other really bad ideas find someone who will actually give them money.

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