American Dreamer


Comedy / Crime / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1544

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Jeffrey Kramer as Golf Buddy #3
Tom Conti as Alan McMann
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Kevin Palmer Jr.
JoBeth Williams as Cathy Palmer / Rebecca Ryan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fastflo1st 10 / 10

Hilarious, endearing, brave, warm, surprising

I first saw this movie on cable and was completely impressed. How did I miss this movie in the theatre? I LOVE mysteries. And this is one. It is also a comedy, drama and love story with a twist. Or two. The characters are well defined and grow. With the slight exception of Giancarlo Giannini, who is a intentionally one dimensional but beautiful to look at, just the same.

The heroine gets trapped in a mystery lover's dream scenario. She enters a contest to write a chapter for a book about her favorite detective and wins! Then bravely take the trip she wins alone because her husband thinks little of her effort or talent and does his best to stifle her joy. She feels a little guilty but tries to have a good time. She is definitely on the "if this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium" tour. While being rushed through the sites of Paris, she is robbed and hit by a car. Resulting in amnesia. When she wakes up she has become her favorite character. In Paris. On a shopping spree. Involved in an unsuspected plot to save the world.

It is fabulous to watch all the other people who are caught up in her dilemma because she really is lost but convincing they try to help but keep getting pulled in deeper. Then her husband is told she is missing. The plot thickens. There really are double agents, drug dealers, a chase scene (running), underground passages, ghost writers. No one is what or who they seem to be. And just when you think everything has been concluded, she gets kidnapped. That was the best moment. The director could have ended the movie exactly there and I would have felt complete. But wait, there's more. The game was still afoot!!

This movie was great!! It is everything you want from a movie. Starting with entertainment. Not predictable. Some real thinking and smart people doing everything right. But once the ball started rolling, it had to finish. Best of all, every one in the family could watch it. It was smart and clean. At this point I have seen it so many times since the 80's I can sing the theme song.

Reviewed by Sailorman2005 9 / 10

Finally will be Released on DVD in 2005

American Dreamer (1984) *** (out of 4)

I think that this film is one of those 1980s films that seemed to have lived its life only on cable stations, though it really is a light, charming, entertaining fantasy comedy. JoBeth Williams (POLTERGEIST) plays Kathy Palmer, an amateur novelist who wins a writing contest involving a mystery series featuring a detective named Rebecca Ryan. She wins a trip to Paris and while there gets knocked down by a car, develops amnesia, and then believes herself to be Ryan! I know exactly why this film is loved by many people---women in particular---and it's a shame that it didn't get a better reception at the theatrical release. My theory is that many critics at the time thought it was a rip-off of ROMANCING THE STONE (indeed, there are similarities which cannot be ignored), though it really soon goes off on its own path and scores, with a cast that is aiming to please. Tom Conti is delightful as the French chap who gets involved in Palmer's world of craziness, and Giancarlo Gianninni is both hysterical and engaging as the mysterious man who Palmer is determined to track down (as Rebecca Ryan of course).

I've been afraid that this film would never see the light of day on DVD, despite the number of admirers this film has. However, I contacted someone at CBS, Inc. (which produced and released it back in 1984), and they said that in 2005 (no date or even period has been set) it will be released on DVD through Paramount, which is their sister company. I've even sent a letter to director Rick Rosenthal to see if he would be able to a Director's Commentary---many DVD conossiers like me know all too well that Paramount sucks when it comes to putting special features on DVD. So, be ready to see it on the shelves next year!!!

Reviewed by Banshee57 10 / 10

Dreamer, Dreamer.....She's a Believer!

Jobeth Williams: Sultry, sexy, mystifying, and quirky in this outstanding tale of madness and romance in the midst of chaos during a woman's trip to France. Williams was a Hollywood noise-maker when she was running from those pesky ghosts in "Poltergeist", but here, she's not running, she's chasing! Cathy Palmer, is a desperate housewife in her own, yearning for a life of adventure, and when she enters a contest for a murder/mystery sweep stake, she wins! Ignoring her chauvinistic husband, Cathy immediately flies to Paris to meet the author of the most famed mystery novels around, the Rebecca Ryan novels. An incidental blow on the head leaves her in a hospital, but once she wakes up...she IS Rebecca Ryan! Now, she is determined to uncover the scandals and mysteries of the undercover spies in Europe. Along for the ride, is the son of the Rebecca Ryan novels Alan McMann, whom Cathy believes is Rebeccas side-kick Demitri. Together, they will take on murder, madness, and some funny conquests that will leaving your stomach aching for more! Williams is so passionate, and enduring as Cathy Palmer, and she really makes us believe that she is trapped in two worlds, and loving it! Tom Conti doesn't get any better, as his vulnerability to nonsense turns to a romantic interest for the bewildered Palmer. Trouble is around any door, and mystery lurks in the shadows of Paris! Director Rosenthal also directed "Halloween II". A fun, and delightful treat for young, and older audiences alike! "American Dreamer" is a joyous adventure with witty dialogue and quick development that will only impress with every viewing! 10/10

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