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Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Blair Brown as Kat Hubble
George Coe as Brian Haas
John Glover as Ross Halley
Richard Jordan as Elmo Bliss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keisterboy 8 / 10

Brilliant character story, not to be missed

I love this movie. It represents some of the very best work of Ed Harris, Blair Brown and Richard Jordan. Aside from that, the story is intelligently written, and intrinsically American. A cynical, bored reporter is hired by a friend and ambitious real estate speculator to publicly smear a group of conservationists who stand in the way of a big land deal. The drawback is, one of the group is a woman the reporter is in love with. He agrees in order to protect her. When things become violent, he confesses his sins, and goes public with his schemes, exposing the real estate swindle. He regains some measure of his pride, and takes a series of brutal beatings in the bargain. In the end his persistence is rewarded, in some measure. Few movies take the time to explore characters as deeply as this one, and offer heroes as complex and flawed, yet still redeemable. The movies moves slowly, at the pace of the Florida landscape it portrays, but it never flags. The characters are absorbing, and the conflicts between them are always intriguing. Victor Nunez's photgraphy and subtle emphasis on mood and insight make for a very moving and thought-provoking film experience. Don't miss it. And take your time watching it. This film isn't about action and plot. It's a lot closer to real life than we've come to expect in film.

Reviewed by evbaby 9 / 10

This Movie is Worth the Trip

I'm writing this review because I thought that no one else had and that would have been a shame. After reading raves on this site about movies which are, at best, popcorn-fare (`Space Cowboys'?!? . . . yeah, I saw it . . . the theater was air-conditioned . . . what the hell), it would be a shame if this little gem stayed neglected.

Victor Nunez apparently knows how to make only one kind of movie. Those who are familiar with his better-known titles, `Ruby in Paradise' and `Ulee's Gold', will know what I mean. Like those two fine films, `A Flash of Green' is what is often called a `personal' movie, set in Nunez' native rural Florida and populated with ordinary people in recognizable situations. This is a story, which unfolds slowly, allowing us to catch the rhythms or its character's lives, involving us in their concerns. When the Ed Harris character is forced to confront an ethical choice, we are concerned for him because, by that point in the film, we know him as if we, too, are resident in that small town.

Sound boring? It's not. Any good screenwriter knows there's nothing as interesting as real life. `A Flash of Green' is not a documentary. It has its artifice, in the best sense of the word, with evocative images and sounds and wonderful performances from top to bottom. But it is the atmosphere, the feeling that I've been somewhere and met the people who live there, that stays with me most about this film. I can't describe too much of the plot. I only saw it once almost 15 years ago. But this isn't, foremost, a plot-driven movie anyway. There are no startling twists, memorable bits, catch-phrases, special effects or `money shots'. Just fine actors, good writing and a director accomplished enough to make us feel as if his characters' world is ours, too.

`A Flash of Green' is sweet, sad and best of all, absorbing filmmaking. Take the time to make the trip.

Reviewed by flatwatr 9 / 10

This is when I first noticed Ed Harris - he is wonderful in this.

I had seen Harris in The Right Stuff and Under Fire but happened to catch this little movie - unexpectedly - and fell in love. I watched FoG because of Blair Brown; had just recently seen her in Altered States, but Harris gives a performance that I believe is one of his best. It is a real shame this is not out on DVD; I have only seen it twice and would love to see it again but not on grainy VHS. I thought that after the success of Pollock that this might get ported over to newer media, but not so far....

Richard Jordan is wonderful as smarmy small-town big fish, but this is Harris' movie. And the flash is for real.

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