American Weapon


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

This is one to miss out on... trust me...

"American Weapon" was just fundamentally boring and a waste of time. I will say that the movie started out slow, then took a turn towards resembling something from the late 1980's - the golden age of slasher movies. But then it just turn stale, bad and awful very, very bad.

A group of young people are spending time in a cabin, when a deranged killer - a former soldier in the American army - starts to kill them.

Yep, that was it. That was essentially the entire movie summarized in a single sentence. Do not get your hopes up for anything in particular here, because there were really nothing to makes it worthwhile to sit through this movie.

There was nothing scary or even remotely worth mentioning in the movie. The death scenes and methods of killing were boring, half-hearted and something of a painful experience to witness. And the killer himself, well, he is nowhere near becoming as menacing as iconic characters such as Jason, Freddy or Michael. A middle-aged man running around in military camouflaged outfit, bearing a grudge because he was sort of abused in the American army, just doesn't hold up a stick to anyone in the slasher genre.

The only reason for this getting a 2 out of 10 stars rating, and not a 1 rating, is simply because the production value to the movie was fairly alright, as was the camera work. The rest of the movie just suffered horrendously under the pointless and utterly irrelevant storyline presented in "American Weapon".

If you enjoy slasher movies, then stay well clear of this particular movie.

Reviewed by atinder 3 / 10

Bland Slasher

This also know as Blood Shed not to be confused with the upcoming movie Blood shed (2014), Which is not out yet)

Blood Shed is the story of six beautiful travellers who head to the mountains for a getaway weekend, only to be terrorised by a homicidal war veteran, who has been programmed to kill without remorse.

This is another slasher movie, As I was in a slasher mood and I just could not get into this movie at all.

I found everyone to be really annoying, the killing dose not take too long to start , first part of the movie, pace was okay but the last half of the movie just dragged on.

The kills was kinda of dull and boring, nothing new here, that we not seen 100 times before and done better.

I found the killer to be so stupid in some scenes, ( a Girl goes into a car, he break into the car, then girl goes out the other door and then the killer, instead of going around car to get her, He goes into the car, to get out car. Okay!

The acting was okay-ish, not bad acting but they so annoying, you wish they die.

The ending, well it fits in with the rest of movie.

3 out of 10

Reviewed by johnanthonymazzei 1 / 10

Bad writing + lack of continuity + poor timeline + political agenda = BAD MOVIE

Cliff Vasko, writer and director, I suggest you either go to film school or demand a refund from the one you attended. I'll give you credit for meeting the T20 rule of horror movies. You did show your audience bare breasts during the movie's first twenty minutes. Your use of stock footage was hit or miss and laughable at times. Your deranged killer, Benjamin Mouton. was two years old when you portrayed him as an 18 year old draftee in 1967.Amin Joseph, the Deshaun character would have been 10 years old when he was a photo journalist during the first Gulf War. If you are going to use the military as a story point hire a technical adviser, Deshaun spots his new friends abandoned vehicles thru binoculars on his morning jog on day 2. That night he walks out to the cars where he sees the blonde girl with her throat cut in the car's dimming headlights. A car battery wouldn't have lasted thru the 1st night , day and night two, they aren't that strong. Deshaun or any photo journalist wouldn't puke at the sight of a dead body. Especially when he had brought a personal photo essay of war atrocities he shot when he was 10 covering the Gulf War. Maria the peace loving school teacher would not be likely become romantically involved with a US Marine. Her pregnancy reveal was done as another slam against the military. "I'm pregnant and I haven't heard from him for a month since he deployed. " A good movie weaves it's message throughout the story. Yours is delivered with the subtlety of a hammer.

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