2021 [ARABIC]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 7837

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Top cast

Ali Suliman as Nuwar
Ziad Bakri as Basel

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_alarda 1 / 10

Fake drama buried the truth

Some people make movies in the name of supporting Palestinians struggle under occupation, to make the movie go viral or to get nominations they lie, bend the truth, or deform the reality, the result is a sick movie that harm the just case of Palestinians and hurt the people who are already suffering the consequences of occupation instead of delivering their voice to the world with truth. This is one of the worst.

Reviewed by amarsiam 1 / 10

Just shame on you

Just another propagandist movie has been made by Zionist. In order to weaken the Palestinian prisoners whom fighting every day against the occupation in a disgusting way.

Reviewed by mselayan 1 / 10

Utterly Awful

This is one of the worst films (if you wanna call it that) I have ever seen in my life. As long as you have the tiniest respect for the human struggle for freedom and basic rights, you will not be able to stand how far it goes to slander prisoners and their families in some of the most atrocious ways perceivable, at least as far as Palestinians are concerned. You will also notice they made sure the contrived feelings and tawdry drama are pumped into every scene to ingratiate this work with a wider, mostly unaware, base.

It is beyond me how this debacle can be nominated for any award besides worst film of the year.

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