An American Hippie in Israel


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by HEFILM 6 / 10

Genuine if inept Hippie manifesto

This feels like the people who made it actually believed in it, in the Hippie credo. It also feels like they kind of made it up as they went along and don't really know how to make a movie.

The best scene is a silent nightmare sequence both in a funny way and in an inspired way--too bad the whole film can't live up to this level. And the basic idea of a hippie Lord of the Flies is good too. But the action and violence is all laugh out loud poorly done and the long scenes of hippie talk need better actors or an actual script.

The music is quite good at times but gets repeated as do the nice travel shots out into the barren wilds.

The surreal nature of the two "Mine" figures and much of the rest of it feels like a stage troop decided to film a half rehearsed stage show and that's what we have. Camp by definition.

Is it slow, well let's just say scenes go on as long as possible, sometimes that has a retro, you-should-have-been-there quality. Others make you glad you can fast forward.

It's well worth a look if you either like and or like to laugh at hippies at their pure core. Also a little different as it's sort of a culture clash of American Hippie and Euro Hippie. They just needed some real actors and a real filmmaker to put it over, though the lead isn't bad and looks the part. Oh yes there are naked hippie chicks.

A fun, if pokey, movie that you have to see just to say you've seen it all. Get with it.

Reviewed by wes-connors 3 / 10

All You Need Is Lunch

Flying to Israel from New York City, American hippie and Vietnam War veteran Asher Tzarfati (as Mike) is picked up while hitchhiking, by attractive actress Lily Avidan (as Elizabeth). They almost get into an accident with two mute men in weird suits and chalk-white make-up. These men have been following Mr. Tzarfati around the world. After copulating at her place, the twosome enjoy a fun hippie lifestyle. They befriend another couple, Shmuel Wolf and Tzila Karney. The foursome end up on a deserted island paradise where they either go naked or wear tight bikinis...

The island is supposed to be a paradise, with plenty of freedom. However, after sex and frolicking, the quartet eventually find their food and transportation are gone. They are stranded and begin to act like the animals. Apparently, the outside world isn't going to let Amos Sefer's hippies obtain freedom without a fight. This is an allegorical story hampered by the fact that the characters we're supposed to like are so annoying, we're often rooting for them to get shot or run over. The dubbing and repetitive soundtrack are not helpful. The location footage is most appealing.

*** An American Hippie in Israel/ Ha-Trempist (1972) Amos Sefer ~ Asher Tzarfati, Lily Avidan, Shmuel Wolf, Tzila Karney

Reviewed by d-j-dekok 1 / 10

I can't believe I wasted an hour on this movie

Unbelievable. Godawful. Mess. This was (inexplicably) on Turner Classic Movies at 2 am this weekend. Curiosity got the better of me (bad me!) and I tuned in. Hippies obviously wrote(?) this, shot it, directed it, all while stoned. I'm waiting for the MST3000 version, or better yet, for someone to give it the "Rocky Horror audience" treatment. Spoilers will not be part of this review, because it would spoil your lunch/dinner/munchies attack. I haven't been stoned in a good 35 years, so maybe state-dependent learning would come into play, and I'd truly be able to appreciate this ever-loving mess of a movie. I have to write ten lines of review, which is about seven lines more than the script had, or for that matter, the emesis-inducing 1970's rock song that keeps playing through the entire movie.

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