An Eye for Beauty

2014 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 5.5 10 1329

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Juana Acosta as Juana / Luc's girlfriend
Éric Bruneau as Luc / Husband
Mélanie Thierry as Stéphanie / Wife
Marie-Josée Croze as Isabelle / Melissa's lesbian husband
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qui_j 2 / 10

Poorly written and produced

Really wanted to like this film but a poorly written script, choppy editing, and some seriously bad acting made that an impossible task. Scenes seemed to be stuck together in a random fashion and that made it impossible for any continuity or character development. It was not possible to finish the film at all!

Reviewed by abisio 1 / 10

It could be 1 or 10 in any case everybody will disagree

The Decline of the American Empire and The Barbarian Invasions were the only two movies about a group of unlikable people talking and talking and talking that I enjoyed repeatedly and still once in a while I watch them again. I enjoyed other Arcand movies too; so I can state that is one of my preferred directors and found his subjects matters quite interesting and his approach original.

Well "La Regne de la Beaute" (which translates in "The reign of Beauty") is not the case. The whole movie on precious scenery after the other; beautiful people in each frame; perfectly dressed and even the music is beautiful; but what was the point of all that?.

The intellectual (but overall shallow) bourgeois French / Canadian society it is one of his preferred subjects; as it is the declining health care in Canada (or at least in Quebec); but none of these themes are quite developed here.

The infidelity of a young successful architect without considering his wife's slow descending into madness; could be an statement about a society that became so cold that family is no longer important (none of the characters has kids and nobody really seems to care about infidelities or jealously ) At the end is about a year in the life of a group of people with lots of personal issues resolved in an absolute cold manner.

I will perhaps seat through the movie again; but at first sight colder than all the snow in Quebec.

Reviewed by Moviegoer19 7 / 10

Visually Gorgeous and What Else?

I saw this a couple of hours ago and am thinking about it now. First, it left me wanting to visit Quebec City, especially during the winter. The city and its surrounding countryside looked beautiful. Some of the homes in the film, which after all is about architects, are stunning. But mainly it's the story about one ambitious young architect who actually says that love is not the be all and end all in life. He lives this philosophy in that he loves more than one woman at once and chooses not to be faithful.

The ending of the film was sort of odd in that it just happened, without showing how, and we the viewers have to assume what happened. In that assumption is confirmation of the film's meaning, i.e., Luc had to pursue his lust/love of the moment, though that didn't mean that he no longer "loved" the previous ones. He just couldn't stay with them for he needs the new and novel. He is described as ambitious with regard to his architecture, and I'd say he is with his loves, too, in that he seems to keep trying for someone new and more beautiful.

Though Luc is portrayed as gentle in his personality, and subtle, the truth is he's a selfish macho person who constantly plays sports - six different ones in the film - not including hunting, in which he shoots geese, and can't help but fall in love and get involved with beautiful women. And, he appears happy, despite some intimation of guilt; he gets over it pretty well. He is the true powerful, white male, enjoying the best that life has to offer.

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