An Impossible Project



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonathancanucklevine 8 / 10

A fascinating story, spoiled only slightly.

I knew that some outfit named Impossible had resurrected Polaroid's SX-70 film production, but had no idea what the story was. Very well done, though it would have benefited from a little actual background on the history of Land and Polaroid, mainly for those young enough to have not been around in the mid-late 20th century.

I was deeply dismayed, though, at facebook's sudden intrusion into the narrative, and at Doc's naivete regarding the damage it's done to the world with its grotesque, self-absorbed amorality. He did his research, and is a smart enough guy to understand its meaning, but still cozied up to them. I could scarcely sit through his initial wooden, stilted meeting in their quaint little print shop, and the extent of the facebook employees' delusion shows in their considering this silkscreening curio to be the "heart and soul" of a truly evil company. That kind of money distorts everything and rarely does anyone any good, regardless of whether they humour a harmless screwball from time to time by picking up the tab for a party. I sincerely hope he's since broken with them.

Reviewed by GormanBechard 6 / 10

So wanted to love this...

While it is beautifully shot, and Doc is a wonderfully crazy character, everything in the film felt, well, underexposed. Even Doc. I'm not sure we ever understood anyone's real motives. The film felt very much all over the place, without ever really going anywhere. It's missing the details we need to get to the heart of who these people are, and why they do what they do. And had I not read the Bonanos book on Polaroid, I would have been completely confused as to what was going on with the main story in this film. Also...the most interesting character in this story, the one who truly gave it birth, Edwin Land, is completely glossed over. It just felt like a missed opportunity. (Saw this at DOC NYC 2020 film festival.)

Reviewed by CyKiK 10 / 10

Analog Heaven

An impossible feat in and of itself; an indie film shooting all 35mm. A well told story, beautifully shot. A must see.

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