An Inspector Calls


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.7 10 9027

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David Thewlis as The Inspector
Miranda Richardson as Sybil Birling
Ken Stott as Arthur Birling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arthurlally1 10 / 10

Drama at its very best

I went into this with an open mind, as i knew it was a remake. Right from the start i was captivated by the enveloping period atmosphere and way the story weaved its story. The plot was simply superb, exposing the class divide and way that others can be mistreat their fellow man, without any conscious or care for the consequences. The lessons in humanity ring as true today as they did in that period so its still highly relevant and should provoke some internalising. However putting that all to one side the acting was simply top drawer and David Thewliss contribution was truly spellbinding. He was so commanding throughout and more than a match for the wealthy opposition he encountered that night. This was so good that i actually watched it three times back to back, as every scene was so immersive and tense. So if you like good drama you would be hard pressed to beat this and all the more amazing was the fact it was mostly delivered in a drawing room, so that speaks volumes for the way it was acted. So I hope you enjoy this period piece as much as i did

Reviewed by theredmare 10 / 10


An absolutely gripping atmospheric huis-clos, this psychological period drama could remind of an English Zola novelette and it will make you take a good hard look at yourself.

Whatever it might be, you're not going to expect *this*. Make absolutely sure to avoid spoilers! All you must know is that it isn't a "detective" story. It's a whodunit of sorts but who did it isn't the point (while being the only point - it'll make sense after)

An inspector calls onto a wealthy family at dinner time in 1910 to impart some seemingly unrelated piece of bad news. Ensues a flawless story, stunning cinematography, perfect period atmosphere, and absolutely top drawer acting. English television at its very best. 10/10 and I'm ever so glad I happened onto this tonight.

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 10 / 10

Totally captivating version.

Inspector Goole arrives unannounced at the home of the Birling family. The family had been celebrating the engagement of daughter Sheila, to Gerald Croft, a match that would unite two powerful businesses. The Inspector informs the family of his business, that of the death of a young woman, Eva Smith. It turns out each member of the family has encountered Eva, and each in turn damaged her life in some way.

I must admit I had my doubts beforehand about this, I tend to think sometimes if it ain't broke don't fix it, I love both the 1954 and 1982 versions respectively. This though had me utterly engrossed, it was an outstanding version. It looked superb, the factory scenes looked incredibly authentic, as did the scenes in the house.

I liked how it began too, not straight into the dinner setting, we were given a little bit of background. From then on it kept to the story beautifully, it must have been tempting to have tweaked it in some way. Definitely the most serious version of it, no softer humorous side, this was pretty bleak. I couldn't pick a standout performance as I thought every cast member was wonderful.

Truly captivating, 10/10

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