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Reviewed by dblackman70 8 / 10

Even though it's not really about Christmas, I loved this film

I'm a sucker for these types of movies so I adored this film. It wouldn't win any awards and the acting - particularly from the leading lady - isn't up to the standard of the first film, but, it is a lovely little movie any romantic should enjoy. I have 3 complaints about it however. 1: The storyline involving Tilly finding her father's family didn't seem right. They accepted each other without hesitation. At first I thought Cameron was paying them to lie, but, it wasn't that complicated. Even Isabella didn't question it. 2: It's a shame they changed the lead actress as Tatiana Maslany was great and had so much chemistry with Isabella and Gad. She would have made this much better. 3: There wasn't enough of Kris Turner as Gad. He stole the movie and he didn't even appear until halfway through the movie. I really enjoyed this film and would love the DVD to add to my collection. It was slightly more romantic than the first, Isabella was more likable and I have to admit that I love Gad. He is the perfect romantic hero. There is no real competition between the two suitors as Cameron is a drunken, womanising jerk compared to Gad's patience, understanding and that lovely punch he does in the barn. I would have known right then and there that he was perfect if I was Tilly, but, she was slightly unlikeable. I would love to see more movies made (maybe with a different young actress playing Tilly) about their adventures in Venice or Gad and Tilly's wedding or Tilly finally getting published or seeing Tilly's lovely family again. I loved Gad, Isabella and Sean and this movie.

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 7 / 10

Above Average Television Film

December 1870, and we pick up on the adventures of Mathilda "Tilly" Bassett and her rich grandmother Isabella, having toured some of Europe's cultural centers and are now arriving in Dublin for a month-long stay. Tilly's inner struggle is between being a society woman in-the-making and the Yankee farm girl that are her roots.

Isabella's mission is to expose Tilly to the world of letters; that's why she's bringing her to Dublin, to meet Ireland's poet laureate, the Earl of Shannon. But there's a saying throughout Ireland: "If you want to make God laugh, try making plans."

This film is very good. You should watch it but without distractions. It will be slow for someone that expects "Vampires and Hobbits".

This is a gentle film that lets an audience take in the surroundings and environment. It also a film about the "old country vs the new country". It also makes you think at what "really matters". It questions what is most important. The questions include Whats Important 1) What people expect from you 2) what do you expect of yourself 3)Should you always follow your heart?

Watch and enjoy

Reviewed by Lejink 3 / 10

Sappy Christmas

I'll watch any old rubbish with Christmas in the title at this time of year and given that terrestrial TV here in the UK clogs up the afternoon schedules with wall-to-wall Christmas-themed movies, there's no shortage of choice.

To be sure, the Christmas connection seemed somewhat contrived in this TV movie, the story could certainly have been played without the Yuletide reference, although other than having the characters sitting down to Christmas dinner singing carols to each other and a snow scene over the end titles, I didn't much get the spirit of the season anyway.

The story was really just Mills and Boon set in old Ireland, the contrived plot revolving around a young American would-be writer, chaperoned around Ireland, by her stuffy, moneybags grandmother. The granddaughter wants to get back to her roots and track down her paternal Irish grandfather but along the way has to choose between her staid Stateside fiancé and the drunken but roguish native son pushed forward by the scheming Irish Lady of the manor, with whom they're both staying, the Lady hoping to trade a title for new money.

The actors perform adequately as they wade through the schmaltz, but really this was a story better read than watched, if you like that kind of sub-Barbara Cartland thing.

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