An Organized Killer


Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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October 05, 2022 at 11:11 AM


Top cast

Andrew Spach as Alex
Samantha Cope as Lilith
Allison McAtee as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vbacon-111-578329 7 / 10

Slightly above average LMN movie

I was surprised to see this rank a 6.9 (as of 3/17/21) which is well above the mid 5's that most LMN movies will get. I think this is better than most LMN movies but not that much better. The plot is about as formulaic as most LMN movies are.

I will admit I'm quite smitten with Allison McAtee. I thought her bubbly performance here was very good, much better than in Deadly Mile High Club. Hope to see more of her in the future. She fits the rich, attractive, middle-age woman role so often needed in LMN movies.

Was not thrilled with Samantha Cope's performance. I know she played the annoying villain here but I was still annoyed by her in general.

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 3 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of An Organized Killer

"What do you want, money?" OK, I'll bite. I never "want" to see 2021's An Organized Killer ever again. I'm dead serious. It's like a bad episode of The O. C. It's wine and cheese la-di-da. It's a potboiler gone to "pot". It's trashy soap opera incarnate. I hated it.

Shot in Dallas, Texas (but it could've been SoCal or Florida for all we know), "Organized" features some good-looking actors only to have them appear doltish, slight, and oblivious. The viewer is one step ahead of the film's insensible plot contrivances as the eyes roll threefold.

The helmer for An Organized Killer (Arizona's filmmaker of the year Brian Skiba) is a veteran of thirty-three credits a la the almighty IMDb. He should know better than to not skim on being predictable, snobbish, and/or feeble. His direction is off-kilter and his poor editor (Michael Kuge) has almost nothing to bounce off of. Skiba's "Organized" gives the middle finger to what made Lifetime fare such an intriguing guilty pleasure. A studio head from LMN would see this swipe and ask questions till the darn sun came down.

The problem with An Organized Killer along with its stiff acting, is that there's no point to all of it. The antagonists are evil for the sake of being evil and they have no motive except to make other people's lives miserable. As something about a divorcee who takes in a psychotic roommate with an equally scheming, hunky sidekick, "Organized" turns up the camp with its marshmallows being as stale as apartment mold.

The movie title of my panning review is of course, An Organized Killer. The USA title is The Single Mom Conspiracy. Neither of them seem fitting in a flick that literally evaporates as you see it. How about calling "Organized" Incest for an Inquest. Yup, you can just "kill" me now.

Reviewed by hoops-53436 8 / 10

Would like to see more of Triana Browne

The plot was pretty good. Alex was a total tool. Grace was more gullible than anyone in real life could be. Actress playing Lilith played the sinister role very well. We would like to see more of Triana Browne.

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