Anatomy 2

2003 [GERMAN]

Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 3631

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Sönke Möhring as Mannschaftskapitän
August Diehl as Benjamin 'Benny' Sachs
Heike Makatsch as Viktoria
Hanno Koffler as Willi Hauser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Monica4937 5 / 10

Nothing special...

For some reason (what? I don't know) I had been putting off seeing this film for a while, even though I am a big fan of the first one. Well, after watching it I don't feel so bad about waiting so long. This film is probably about 60% more boring and uninteresting than the first; Not to mention Franka Potente's screen time is only about 10 minutes total. The film is only around an hour and a half long but it felt like we were sitting there for 2 and a half hours. It was extremely slow paced and uneventful...the only things good about it were the idea of the storyline, the one decent tension building scene and the brother of the main actor. Other than that I can't really give anyone that is a fan of the first a big reason to rush out and buy/rent this thing. 5/10

Reviewed by Libretio 3 / 10

Ho-hum sequel goes nowhere fast

ANATOMY 2 (Anatomie 2)

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Sound formats: Dolby Digital / SDDS

An intern (Barnaby Metschurat) at one of Berlin's top hospitals is targeted by a charismatic doctor (Herbert Knaup) who's been conducting illegal experiments on some of his students, involving the replacement of various muscle groups with powerful synthetic substitutes. But the drugs needed to curb the various side effects are highly addictive, and lead to madness and murder...

This unnecessary sequel - only tenuously linked to the original ANATOMY (2000) - foregoes genuine horror for a slow build-up of tension as Metschurat is first seduced by his newfound friends and then rejects their dreams of a Nazi-style 'master race'. The Gothic setting of the first film is replaced by the faceless corridors of an ultra-modern hospital, and - aside from a horrific opening sequence - there are few memorable set-pieces to distinguish the movie from its run-of-the-mill US counterparts. Bombastic music score, fine performances, but the film is pretty unsatisfying as a whole. Franka Potente (THE BOURNE IDENTITY) makes a brief cameo appearance, purely for marquee value.

(German dialogue)

Reviewed by Buddy-51 5 / 10

promising start but too many clichés

From Dr. Frankenstein to Dr. Mengele, Germany has developed quite a reputation for…hmm.. how shall we put it?…"unconventional" men of science.

It's appropriate, then, that the German film "Anatomy 2" should be a brave-new-world sci-fi thriller that deals with the issues of biomedical ethics and just how far science should be allowed to go in trying to "improve" on Mother Nature.

Professor Muller-LaRousse is a world famous neurosurgeon who has been covertly conducting questionable experiments, implanting synthetic muscles into perfectly healthy young men and women (who also happen to be his devoted interns). Even though a disturbing number of these "guinea pigs" have died as a result of the procedures, LaRousse forges on, undeterred and undaunted, convinced - as any mad scientist worth his salt would be - that scientific advancement cannot be allowed to run aground on the shoals of a few trivial dead bodies. His plan is to create some sort of "master race" of invincible semi-humans. Jo Hauser is a promising young doctor who has come to Berlin to work and study under LaRousse, confident that he will be able to make a real difference not only in the lives of others but particularly in the life of his younger brother who has fallen victim to a degenerative neurological disorder. Filled with idealism, Jo allows himself to be pulled into LaRousse's group of sycophantic acolytes, perhaps to his everlasting regret.

The film is obviously intended as a modern day allegory of Nazism - what with its emphasis on group-think, unethical medical experimentation and talk about creating a "master race" - but the movie feels just too much like other - and better - dystopian sci-fi fantasies to be very effective. The intriguing medical ethics issues are eventually shunted aside for a series of protracted action scenes overflowing with typical mad scientist malarkey and man-on-the-run clichés.

That's a shame because the movie starts off with a better-than-average premise that promises a thoughtful re-examination of an age-old theme. However, "Anatomy 2" just winds up being silly where it most desperately needs to be serious.

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