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Reviewed by HeatherOHara 2 / 10

Blatant Religious Propaganda, and Badly Done, At That

VERY low budget Christian propaganda piece that clocks in at just under an hour, which is definitely long enough; unless you buy into what's being sold here, the first ten minutes will almost certainly be long enough.

I don't have a problem with religious propaganda, truly. To each his own - you don't have to tune in, folks, and you don't have to hate those who do. That said, I do resent a presentation of bizarre, made up garbage decorated as pseudo-science.

I rate this two stars because, for what it is, it's a below par, mediocre example that works hard to convince you that there cannot be aliens, unless you accept that 'aliens' = God.

For the rest of us, it's a timely reminder that modern society is leaving The Church by the thousands, and that this is a response to a difficult, ecumenical issue.

Reviewed by beabovelife 10 / 10

Aside from missing a few cues...

Nicely done audio piece, though the visual aspects aren't helpful. The connections between religion (numerous ideologies and historical aspects), religious histories (Bible, Vedas, Book of the Dead, Sutras, etc) and modern soon-to-be mainstream discovery of numerous off-planet civilizations are well done, though slightly misaligned. However, for the lay person who is beginning to peek beneath the curtain, this is a terrific place to start.

Reviewed by caseyfelty 1 / 10

Just Awful.

By far one of the worst "documentaries" I have ever seen. The other review said all that needed to be.God=Aliens. They completely overlook historical accuracy in favor of their warped views. Ignore it and if you watch this and believe please read actual history books I beg of you.

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