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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2092

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adityakripalani 8 / 10

a story about the human spirit and human triumph.

From the first frame of a film you know that the maker has a grasp over the medium and has made a relationship with it. This is the same with this film. The shots and scenes are never loose or slow and yet the film takes its own time and pulls you into living it at its own pace. The story of a woman from a first world country who is dealing with her own problems and is some kind of an immigrant in her own country, who helps out an immigrant from another country. But what's beautiful about this, as with all great tales is that it destroys all kinds of borders and leaves you with a beautiful human story about how the human spirit triumphs over everything in its way and can be so all encompassing, compassionate, inclusive and brave.

Reviewed by montsegimenez 7 / 10

The beauty of pure solidarity

The film correctly shows us the issue of immigration, including the despicable people who take advantage of the circumstances. It focuses on the vicissitudes of an African woman who will soon be deported from Iceland to her native Guinea-Bissau, where she fled for feeling her life threatened. In spite of all this, she sympathizes with an Icelandic mother and her son, to whom life is not going very well either, and shares what little she has with them. Emotive and beautiful film, which keeps the spirit warm. Highly recommended!!

Reviewed by jake-97627 10 / 10

A thoroughly engaging film

A beautifully touching film, authentically acted and wonderfully shot. I was so thoroughly engaged from the start and felt such a connection to the characters. A hidden gem, a masterpiece on humanity...even the cat was fantastic.

Bang on!

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