And Tomorrow the Entire World

2020 [GERMAN]

Crime / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 811

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DIEU_ET_MAITRE 5 / 10


Honestly I don't really know what to say. There's nothing hugely wrong with the film, but nothing special about it either. Personally not a fan of the editing style of the average shot lasting less than three or so seconds. Which might also be the mayor flaw of the film as a whole: too much visual exposition, through cut-cut-cut-editing, not enough long shots for breathing room. The fast-paced editing also kills the acting.

The overall story is alright, seems more authentic than most German films, but still at parts just isn't very believable. Overall creates an image of German leftists groups as childish immature people led by short term emotional outbursts - whether this is an accurate portrayal I cannot say, since I have no connections to this or a similar kind of "milieu", but then again I don't think it's entirely the point of the movie to ridicule antifascist groups or their messages - on the contrary.

And here we come to my final beef with these sort of "pro-left" films which have become so prevalent in the last few years: they are not revolutionary, they are suffering from a sort of sick conservatism. They, by putting "the nazis" as their main focus of attention waste all their potency in a battle against windmills (a sentiment even being expressed in the film by some person). I mean if you enjoy the violence and spectacle of beating up "nazis" and all that, I can understand and can't argue against it. But if you idealistically think that you're somehow fighting for a "good cause", you should be aware that in that regard your actions are utterly pointless.

And last: films financed by the state cannot be revolutionary - unless by subversion, which definitely isn't the case here. This film, like all the anti-fascist, pro-left German films, only does one thing: perpetuate the status quo.

PS: at least this movie isn't blatantly propagandist like "Er ist wieder da" or "Die Känguru Chroniken", so that's a plus...

Reviewed by eliasrafael 5 / 10

Boring after all

The movie captured some media interest in Germany when it was screened in Venice film festival but was also critisised by leftists focussing on the childish and psychotic behaviour of the antifascist group. So I was at least curious. Well, the movie doesn't live up to expectations. The story is a bit dull and I had a hard time to follow it. Shooting and edit is not bad but the visual side also failed to hold up my interest. On the positive side I think the acting is at least authentic and the movie lacks the usual dose of policial indoctrination.

Reviewed by acousticbiochemie 3 / 10


Was intrigued through the start but then it just went on and on and nothing really happened. I could not get what emotions they wanted the leftists portray with most shots showing them on the wrong side with childish and immature acts. It made it seem like the right wing is non-violent and the leftists are violent lot. Ignore this borefest. Watch something else.

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