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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonya90028 6 / 10

Falls short of viewer expectations.

This film was released in 1972, a year that marked the last gasp, of Hollywood's fascination with the outlaw biker subculture. Much of the story takes place at the infamous Spahn Ranch, site of the Manson cult in real life. In the film, the biker gals get mixed-up with hippie pot farmers, who live on the Spahn Ranch.

The hippies have a Manson-like guru who espouses peace and love, but is really a creepy, Svengali-like character. The biker babes come to the Spahn Ranch, after their men take to the road without them, in search of kicks. These biker women are tough, lascivious, and incredibly sexy-looking. They're like a wet-dream come to life, for many male, and probably some female viewers.

And like the biker chick stereotype, these gals are always eager to get it on, with any male in their vicinity. Some of these women even manage to force themselves sexually, on a hunky farm-boy that they spot working in a field. In the end, he's shown clearly enjoying the amorous attention of these biker girls.

Much of the film is incredibly violent. There's a brutal near-rape, of one of the biker chicks. She's rescued in the nick-of-time, by the other women in her biker gang, who proceed to pummel the would-be rapists to a pulp. It's as if the producers go overboard with the violent scenes, to prove to the audience that bikers are very vicious folks. Perhaps some of them are. But bikers are as human as the next person, and shouldn't be judged only by Hollywood's stereotypes of them.

The film doesn't deliver on it's promise, to showcase mainly the biker women. Despite the title, the women in this film are still overshadowed by the male biker characters. Also, the overall story-line is somewhat muddled, and hard to to follow at times. In my humble opinion, this movie falls short of it's potential. Viewers expecting to see a biker movie that revolves only around the female bikers, will be disappointed with Angel's Wild Women.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 / 10

Is there a point to all this?!

Al Adamson might just be the worst director of all time--perhaps even worse than Ed Wood, Hershell Gordon Lewis, Ted Mikels or Ray Dennis Steckler. But once you've gotten to the level of these directors, saying exactly which was the very worst is all a matter of opinion and personal taste. For my money, I'd say Adamson--especially since he is responsible for such atrocities as HELL'S BLOODY DEVILS, HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS, Dracula VERSUS FRANKENSTEIN and BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR. Probably his best film I've seen so far is PSYCHO A GO-GO (one of his very first films) and it's all been downhill ever since.

If have haven't guesses already, I am a bad movie lover. Now I can't take a steady diet of nothing but horrid films, but I do like to laugh at the really awful stuff and have reviewed an awful lot of rotten films. However, for most bad film buffs, there are two main types of bad films--bad but unintentionally funny and bad and incredibly dull. The former are the "good" bad movies and the latter are just tedious messes. ANGELS' WILD WOMEN is one of the latter. It's tedious and not much fun to watch--mostly because there really isn't much of a plot. In many ways, it looks like a home movie made of a biker gang--with no narrative or structure.

Like so many of Adamson's films, his wife, Regina Carrol, is in this film. She looked a bit like an aging stripper in this film and considering that she WAS an aging stripper this made a lot of sense. However she did look a bit out of place with the gang--with her white lipstick and her being considerably older than the rest.

The film shows a lot of unconnected vignettes involving rape, fights and murder. As for the rapes, one begins the film and really didn't do much to advance the plot. The second one involved a man being raped by women. The third time was an attempted rape. As for fighting, there were so many fights that I really lost track of them. Heck, when people weren't busy raping each other, they were fighting--often with their friends. None of this really made any sense and towards the end, the characters started killing each other for no particular reason--they the whole mess just ended.

Overall, this film looks like three or four of Adamson's projects somewhat randomly edited together. While it never has the goofy charm or stupidness that I love in some of his worst films, it also doesn't have much watchability or fun. And after a while it all gets pretty boring.

I would recommend you not let kids see this. This isn't necessarily because of all the nudity and violence--it's more that crap like this can't be good for kid's growing brains!

Reviewed by Matthew_Capitano 5 / 10

Al Adamson's Requiem to the Biker Film

Leave it to director Al to put in his two cents worth on any genre; this time, it's biker films, thanks to the success of 'Easy Rider' (1969).

A gang of biker chicks set out to kick the scummy butts of a collection of creeps. Not a particularly flowing film. Adamson wanted to show his flair for innovativeness by presenting a 'layered' approach in his photography (not to mention some token scenes which are a bit too paralleled alongside 'Easy Rider'). OK for Adamsom aficionados and those seeking to obtain some comfy slumber on the couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Vicki Volante ('Terry') has really cute boobs.

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