1977 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 2497

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Richard Bohringer as Un assistant de Sergio
Johnny Hallyday as La vedette masculine
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Mike Gaucher et Bruno Ferrari
Jane Birkin as La vedette féminine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by filmolli 10 / 10

See how movies REALLY are made!

One of the greatest films about moviemaking ever. Hundreds of extras running and fighting, a stuntman is jumping and falling down a 30 meter staircase again and again, getting hurt more and more, while the director is only worried about entertaining his leading role superstar bruno ferrari (what a name!), who's performance is getting worse and worse. And after take 15 the 1st AD whispers 'Dont you think take 1 was great, and if you want, you can mix it with take 3', and the director yells 'Okay, let's have lunch!

Reviewed by jimakros 7 / 10

fun Belmondo movie with stunning Raquel

This movie is a lot of fun,i watched it when i was a kid when it came out in Europe and i remember laughing in several scenes.I don't know how Belmondo's style translates to American audiences but to the rest of the world he was a big star when this movie came out and made a fantastic duo with Raquel.Raquel Welch always had a good flair for comedy and this material allows her to show her abilities.Here she is supposed to be a stunt-woman,partnering stuntman Belmondo in films and wanting to get married and she is really a lot of guts and fun.Belmondo plays the stuntman and a second role as a gay film star who resembles the stuntman. Belmondo is on his turf here and delivers.There was a lot of publicity about the stunts in this movie.Almost all of them performed by Belmondo himself,especially impressive a flying stunt where Belmodo is standing on-top of a flying plane.This movie is a good showcase for both Belmondo and Raquel.

Reviewed by SMK-4 7 / 10

Watchable little slapstick comedy

Watchable little slapstick comedy about a stuntman (Belmondo), his stuntwoman girlfriend (Welch), how the film industry treats them, how they get by when out of a job, etc. Belmondo plays a double role, as a gay movie star and his look-a-like stunt double. He apparently has enormous fun playing both of them completely over the top (as the character of the film demands). For my taste though, his stunt character demands a bit too much love and attention from the audience; we are supposed to route for him getting the girl etc. and I found this somewhat patronising.

The film is at its best in moments of fast and furious comedy, for example a memorable scene has Belmondo creating havoc while wearing a Gorilla suit. However, these moments leave Raquel Welch (who looks fantastic in a wet blouse) a bit on the sidelines: slapstick is not quite her metier.

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