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Reviewed by kosmasp 10 / 10


When you hear the word animals, what do you associate with that? Do you have positive feelings about the word itself or do you connect it with behaviour (which would be a negative attribute most would attach to it then)? Is it fair to animals to even make the comparison if it is the latter? Animals after all allegedly are not able to empathize (I think that is not entirely true, but that's a different story). But one thing is for sure, they do not act out of malice, but either because of instincts and/or to protect themselves or others.

Humans do bad stuff - knowingly. You could argue about intoxication and all that - but there are also arguments that it only brings out the real you in some. Why do I venture into this territory though (no pun intended)? It is important to the movie to understand certain things. One of them being the title. And if you've seen it, you will understand even better.

This is not an easy movie to watch - at all. Even worse when you have people in the crowd who laugh at the most inappropriate moments (not that there are "lol" moments to begin with). I doubt many will have the opportunity to watch this on the big screen. But since it is shot in a "TV" format (as old schoolers would call it), there is no harm watching it at home. Actually distractions aside, it may be better considering all the things that have to sink in, after you watch the movie.

A movie with a lot of long shots, very little editing and almost feels like a documentary. There may be flaws (like glimpses into the camera in the first section), but nothing that is too distracting or should be bothering you - there are many other things in here that should actually be bothering you. Human behaviour as mentioned. One comes early on - even not knowing a single thing about the movie (other than the title), when we get introduced to the main character and his interaction with a little boy, we can guess ... well we understand him and what he is.

Even more so when a woman comes in (crashing), taking the boy away. No explanation needed - we can rightfully assume why she does it and what her (unfounded) fears are. Again no need for the movie to explain it to us. We are smart enough as an audience to be ahead of the game.

Having said, it still is not a preparation of things to come. We get a small glimpse, but even that only briefly. And not the interaction itself. We see the end result as being send as a pic to a phone.

Why do people act like that? Why do they hide behind things like honor? Why are they so afraid, that it turns into something very ugly and physical? There is no excuse, there is arguably not even much in the sense of an "explanation". There is a sort of glimpse into another characters mind - but again, there is not much said. And some will understand earlier what is going on and some a bit later - but it is there ... and it can be seen. It was not what I initially thought his motivation was.

This is as tough to watch as anything - there have been "worse" movies when it comes to depiction of on screen ... let's call it mayhem or anarchy. You may disagree based on your use of those words, but I think they can be used to describe some of what is going on. None of which are to be laughed at - I was seriously considering calling a psychiatrist. I know this is just a movie - but it definitely does not feel like it is intended to make you react like that - almost cheering on the bad guys (or whatever you want to call them).

We are all humans - no matter our differences. It may be just wishful thinking, but if we don't accept that and respect others ... we are worse than animals! Way worse - and surely no pun intended.

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