Ann Rule's A Murder to Remember



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 5 / 10

Based on the 1976 murder of Julio Torres by Thomas Brown in Mount Hood, Oregon

The names may have changed and some liberties were taken with the story line but this made for TV film appears to have been based on the real life murder in Mount Hood, Oregon, by 29 year old Thomas Brown who killed 21-year-old Julio Torres and then kidnapped his 16-year-old wife Candra Torres. Thomas Brown after repeatedly raping Candra in the deep woods he convinced her to tell the authorities his murder of her husband Julio Torres was a hunting accident and then the two of them could be a couple after Thomas Brown eliminated her husband Julio. At least that was the murderer Thomas Brown's plan until his rape victim the 16 year old (now) widow Candra Torres changed her false story she initially gave to the police and came clean.

There is a Forensic Files episode in season 9, episode 10, titled "Head Games" which aired in 2004 that depicts this crime in 30 minutes much better than this made for TV film does..

I give this film a ho hum IMDB rating of 5 out of 10

Reviewed by a_baron 8 / 10

Ann Rule's A Murder To Remember

Ann Rule is best remembered as the biographer of serial killer Ted Bundy, who worked with her on a suicide prevention hotline, if you can credit that.

Although it wasn't the first time she put pen to paper, that book launched her career as an author of crime non-fiction. I haven't read the book (or rather the chapter in a book) on which this film is based, although I have skimmed her book about Diane Downs and the aforementioned Bundy biography; if they are anything to go by, this is a factual rather than sensationalised account of a bizarre murder and its even more bizarre aftermath.

Having said that, some changes have been made. Names, of course, for the usual reasons; also, Thomas Brown (the real name of the killer) shot and killed the family dog after murdering the husband. There is no dog in this story. The events herein happened in 1976 not in the present as is clear from the computer on the sheriff's desk. Indeed, it is most unlikely a crime like this would have happened today because campers, hikers, and tourists usually carry smartphones, so tend not to get lost in the woods. The wife in the original story was even younger than here, a teenage bride.

Yes, Brown did pass a polygraph while his accuser, whose story kept changing, failed one, but polygraphs are junk science, which is hardly surprising as the so-called lie detector was invented by the creator of Wonder Woman. Also, polygraphs tend not to work on psychopaths, while nervous people often sound implausible.

There are no courtroom scenes, the film ends as the trial is about to open. Don't expect too much from this film, just remember that as usual the truth is stranger than fiction, though seldom as popular.

Reviewed by tomfsloan 5 / 10

Not bad but not good

I was hoping for a twist. There wasn't one. I was hoping Robin was delusional. She wasn't. If she turned out to be the murderer then it would have been more fun. But knowing who the bad guy was from the start was "meh", as another reviewer said. Robins acting was good. I was impressed with that. I also like the fact it was set in the woods and had old cars instead of fancy Hollywood or Toronto. Until the end, I thought every cop in Oregon City was a female. Robin Givens, I'm impressed too.

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