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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anneoever 9 / 10

Just like the series

I really enjoyed the series of Anne+ and the movie has a very similar style, content and humour. Anne feels very relatable, the acting is good and I laughed out loud quite a few times. It shows sexuality in a very natural way and discusses generational differences on certain topics as gender identity. Al in all, I really enjoyed this movie!

Reviewed by MCBigga 4 / 10

please keep this a tv show

Absolute terrible movie based upon an average but enjoyable tv serie.

The first half of the movie is a forced internal educational dialogue, about finding yourself, being free with your sexuality, gender identity bla bla like this has ever been an issue in the Netherlands. The movie introduce (force) a new non-binary person in the world of Anne+. The sexscenes and nudity are very random and cannot save the terrible script. None of the characters are likable or believable, there is no plot, a waste of time.

Reviewed by le-soleil 7 / 10

Good continuation of the series

Anne+ continues its journey where it left of in the series. Anne is writing and wants to publish a book. She and her girlfriend Sara are in an poly relationship after discussing this together and Sara will move to Montreal for her dream job. Anne wants to move there as well, but only after she finishes her book until then she is still living in Amsterdam.

The movie touches on subjects such as gender, sexuality, lust and friendship among others. Furthermore it also dives into Anne's own identity, her (in)ability to communicate, how she deals with her past, present and future and the decisions she has to make now she's paving her own way into adulthood.

I personally enjoyed the series and enjoyed this film as well. The acting is decent and similar to the series. The dialogues never become dull or stale. Anne's exploration of her own sexuality is somewhat relatable. I did find that the sex scenes were a bit more explicit than the series and while I'm in no way a prude, one particular scene kind of took me out of the film as it did not really add too much to the overall story other than a confirmation of a feeling she has (I won't spoil). The ending is somewhat predictable but satisfying.

Tldr: If you liked the series you should watch it.

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