Another Son of Sam


Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10

For Those With A Taste For Grindhouse

It's another cheaply shot grindhouse movie in a print so badly cared for that every color has faded to tan, where half the actors can't speak their lines and the script about a SWAT team raid, trying to take a serial killer is negligible. Yet the director, cameraman, editor and even the uncredited individual who who scored this clearly knew what they were doing and did it well, from performers who know how to move, to point-of-view shots from the killer's perspective, to tracking shots to a gradually increasing pace of cutting.

None of this makes it good, even when I consider that I've been looking at a lot of Poverty Row movies from the 1930s. The lead actresses are awful...well, they never showed up again. The hard work and sincerity don't compensate for the cheap shock shots. Even so, there are a lot of people with a taste for this sort of movie. For someone with that sort of taste, this is a well-done example of of the no-frills variety.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 3 / 10

Another lousy movie

Vicious and unhinged psycho Harvey embarks on a brutal killing spree after escaping from a sanitarium. It's up to a shockingly incompetent SWAT team to end Harvey's reign of terror.

Man, does writer/director Dave Adams fumble the ball with jaw-dropping ineptitude: We've got a meandering story which unfolds at a plodding pace, a crippling dearth of tension and excitement, clunky and jarring frequent use of freeze frames, equally awkward moments of strenuous slow motion, shaky hand-held cinematography, hit or miss acting from a highly variable cast, flat (non)direction, insipid characters, lots of dull talking, and clumsily staged outbursts of unconvincing violence. On the plus side, the presence of real-life police officers as basically themselves gives this picture a modicum of authenticity. A total clunker.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

An oddity

Made in Charlotte, North Carolina by one and done director/writer/producer/editor/stunt coordinator/casting director Dave A. Adams, this movie isn't even about David Berkowitz - or whoever was really the Son of Sam - much less a new version of this occult killer. No, instead, it's about Harvey.

Who is Harvey, you may ask. Well, he's a killer escaped from a mental hospital in a movie that has moments that seem to be Halloween a year before that even hit theaters. Don't think that this has any Carpenter directorial highlights or moments of Dean Cundy-esque camera brilliance. The movie tends to pause for several seconds while dialogue just keeps running and the camera seems to be a window into the mind of someone tripping balls while the coolest synths ever play.

Speaking of music, the real star of this show is a lounge singer named Johnny Charro who still plays shows to this day. Oh yeah, there's also SWAT officers in action, a stuffed dog who seemingly wants to take a shower with his owner and an abortion, because, well, I honestly have no idea why.

Harvey has been killing people because his mom assaulted him as a child. Why did the cops bring her out to try and talk him out of a hostage situation? Seriously, that's some giallo-level police buffoonery.

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