2019 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by proud_luddite 6 / 10

A mixed result

In a Montreal suburb, the title character (Nahéma Ricci) is a teenage immigrant from Algeria living with her grandmother and three siblings. After her family faces a double tragedy, Antigone is determined to help a troubled family member even if this means making a great sacrifice. The film is an updated adaptation of the ancient Greek play by Sophocles.

The beginning sequences are very touching for not only revealing the troubles in the present but also the tragedies faced by the family before moving to Canada. The film's pivotal scene takes place in a prison. While the scene is bizarre to the point of being almost unbelievable, it deserves the benefit of the doubt as it is well orchestrated. To give the film further credit, scenes taking place in courtrooms and prisons have just the right amount of bleakness as they would in real life.

Later sections in the film are mixed, sadly with good intentions that go awry by taking on too much. Many subplots and issues are under-explored leaving an empty feeling by the end. Those that do work include a fascinating plot twist near the end that leaves the main character dumbfounded about her great intentions. Those that are less effective include a social media movement that unintentionally turns Antigone into a star. The sequences are entertaining but there's too little exposure of the origin of this movement. Also, the character of Antigone's boyfriend is so under-developed that he is downright annoying.

"Antigone" seems to have joined "Incindies" (2010) and "Monsieur Lazhar" (2011) to create a new film genre: the experiences of Middle Eastern/North African immigrants of tragic pasts integrating in the Montreal region. The earlier two films are stronger though "Antigone" certainly has its assets including a fiery lead performance by Ricci.

Reviewed by plupu66 10 / 10

An almost perfect film

Canadian cinema, while of excellent quality, is not well enough known, unfortunately, even in Canada. We, Canadians are reluctant to toot our horn. While I understand modesty, not promoting enough real values is a serious shortcoming.

I am not a skilled review writer and I am afraid I will not do this film justice. But this film touched and awed me so much that, that I could not help it. I had to draw attention to it.

I would rank this film - in terms of depth, execution, impact, thoughtful script, acting - up there with La Strada and Zorba the Greek. It draws you in, it touches you, it leaves you thinking and feeling days and days afterwards. It is an honestly made film. It does not go for shock, easy answers, holier-than-though preaching, or political subtext. (The reviews who see political statements are WRONG.)

it starts with the 25 hundred years old story of Antigone, and, using it as a mold, tells us a story about a refugee family in Quebec. (By the way, do read the synopsis of the Greek tragedy before seeing this film. It gives you needed bearings.)

Hold on here for a moment. The moment the word "refugee" comes up, the sea parts along political lines and entrenched positions. No, they are just a family, and their refugee status does not make them "good" or "bad" or even different from the society around - it is just a backdrop for a millennia-old conundrum: who are we loyal to - the law of the land or the family blood? And how far we are ready to go. Different cultures may see different nuances.

Open your mind, open your heart, and go see this film.

Reviewed by Fouad Realbox 2 / 10

How to use the aura of a Greek tragedy to make a bad movie

The pretention of this film is to make us believe that it is a tragedy because it takes its title from a famous Greek tragedy and because the protagonists it shows bear Greek names picked from the tragedy. In 2020 it sounds absurd to have North African emigrants called Antigone, Ménécée, Ismène, or Étéocle!. More over the story ignores totally the original content of the tragedy. The result is an amateurish film badly acted and badly directed. The only positive aspect is the beauty of Nahema Ricci's facial expression. Unfortunately because of the inexperienced director her expression remains the same all along the movie.

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