Anything Goes


Comedy / Musical

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Felicity Kendal as Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt
Robert Lindsay as Moonface Martin
Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alchemist-81848 7 / 10

Sutton Foster was fantastic-the others? Terrible

Sutton Foster made this performance worth watching. She was absolutely brilliant! And she can act, which is more than anyone can say about the rest of the cast. Lindsay and Kendal should never, ever try to do an American accent-and they wildly overacted, spending the entire time pulling faces. In a word, Lindsay and Kendal stank.

Foster is a renowned Broadway star. She deserves better than the main cast; she carried the entire film. Such a shame that she didn't have the Broadway cast-although the dancers were superb.

I'm being generous with my review. Sutton on her own deserves a 10. Lindsay, Kendal and the rest of the gurners deserve a zero.

Reviewed by considerthebirds 10 / 10


Music by Cole Porter, P G Wodehouse wrote the book, some of the best musical tunes, fabulous performances, if you can't get to the theatre then this is the next best thing and I cannot recommend it too highly.

By the end I felt uplifted! It is, for me, one of the real greats of the theatre, alongside Kiss Me Kate and Crazy for you, to send you away with tunes in your head and a smile on your face!

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