Apartment 143


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 10800


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Fiona Glascott as Ellen Keegan
Gia Mantegna as Caitlin White
Rick Gonzalez as Paul Ortega
Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Helzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 2 / 10

A script so bad it's not worth watching it.

Horror movies has long suffered from an illness called "lack of originality". There are several ways to combat this, one of them is risking. This Spanish film, directed by Carles Torrens and written by Rodrigo Cortés, tried to risk, but the shot backfired due to the stupid ideas that passed through the heads of these two gentlemen. It must be said, however, that Spanish cinema has been responsible for some of the most airy and innovative horror films of recent years, and this has made me expect something more from this film that never came.

Using the old "found footage" formula, which we have already seen in "Paranormal Activity" and "Last Exorcism", we follow a team of experts who will investigate strange phenomena in a house where a man and two kids are living after the recent death of his wife/mother. And here the inconsistencies begin... for example, the experts say they don't want to disturb their comfort but, at the same time, they settle in their house, fill everything with machinery and put more cameras than in "The Big Brother" show . Does it make sense? Shortly after, the audience begins to be toasted with subtle supernatural activities that worsen over time, but the film doesn't explore this, preferring to suggest "logical explanations" for the phenomena. Many of them are implicitly suggested but they're there: sickness, sexual harassment, murder... the film shoots in all directions until it disproves its own haunting thesis, contradicting itself to the point that we no longer know what the hell of experts are those guys! The ending turns out to be so bad and disappointing that it makes me want to make the screenwriter to swallow the movie.

Brutal inconsistencies, bad script options, bad dialogues, a lot of dead moments with some scares in the middle... In all these mud, there's something positive: good sound and special effects is much better than the poor quality that reigns in horror films and Gia Mantegna overcame her youth and inexperience, proving to be a better actress than many of those adults... Kai Lennox was also well, in a suffered and psychologically very heavy character. And that's all that this unfortunate movie has to give us. It doesn't add anything good to the genre and will not bring good memories to anyone involved. Fortunately, it also turns out to be so forgettable that you're probably going to forget it the day after watching.

Reviewed by FountainPen 1 / 10

Waste of time no redeeming aspect

Absolute drivel. You can tell the moment the movie starts, from the dopey-looking, moronic halfwit narrating, that this is going to be no Oscar-winner! It appears to have been produced by a "Movie-Making 101" class on their first morning.

Lousy direction, pathetic "acting", dreadful cinematography specialising in dark, darker, the darkest scenes imaginable.

It was a shame to bring little children into this mess, btw.

WHY are movies of this type being made? WHO is the audience?

NOT recommended, unless you want to punish yourself for something !

Reviewed by hnhovitz 7 / 10

They got me, but they forgot to pick an ending.

This movie is a slow burn that employs the proper frights just as effectively. The problem really lies in the film's first "conclusion," then the second, and, sadly, there's a third, plus the setup for the final gotcha. This is what keeps it from being a 9 or a 10 in my book. There were a few scenes that scared me so much I actually jumped and shouted, then continued to grip my husband's arm, which is rare. Those scares were earned, as each moment was genuinely unnerving. What's disappointing for me as a writer and an author is that there actually are ways in which the final frames they chose to conclude with could have been set up to succeed, but what we're left with is a scenario in which it seems production couldn't decide on the 'choose your own adventure.' So, after an amazing monologue, a few sets of goosebumps and some scenes you won't forget, I basically felt like I'd just got played by a hustler, but instead of feeling angry or embarrassed, I was afraid to sleep with the lights off. So many mixed emotions!

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