Appetite for Love


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1808

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Taylor Cole as Mina Jones
Andrew W. Walker as Clay Hart
Fiona Vroom as Penny Laterner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 8 / 10

Yummy romance

This Hallmark romance is above average. The dialog is a little better written than usual and the pre ending drama is more convincing than the usual contrived problem.

Taylor Cole is beautiful and has a kind of 80s model look. She is tasked by her big corporation to make a small town diner restaurant come into line with the standard menu and look of the chain they are launching. She has to go back to the small town she left years ago. And the restaurant is run by her ex boyfriend played quite convincingly by Andrew Walker. The scenery is quite pretty with the lake and such. Also there is a point to the premise with quality food over the bad quality franchise food we get in many chain restaurants.

There are some bits of humor that work like her new name to go in line with her new persona. Her new city boyfriend exemplifies the corporate minded guy you know she won't end up with.

Worth one watch.

Reviewed by MIssM19 6 / 10


I love these type of movies in which the girl who now lives in a big city goes back home to fix something or somehow ends up there looking for something she is missing.

The boat scene with the beer? Laughed out loud. Movies like this win me over when the guy looks at the girl like she is his everything, (Of course there gotta be chemistry to actually feel it) this was no exception. Yet, the end makes me wonder a few things, did she quit her fancy work in a big city to a be wife in a small town? Does she work from there? The restaurant is working in the way she accomplished to convince the bosses, but that's all we know.

Despite the doubts these type of movies tend to generate, it's worth the watch.

Reviewed by ritakc-46893 6 / 10


Formula movie. Wish Hallmark used local film locations. Question: what was that refrigerator in her aunt's home??? Loved it!

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