2020 [GREEK]

Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2477

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Come-and-Review 8 / 10

interesting enough debut

Christos Nikou's debut film is a fitting entry to the Greek Weird Wave, following its canons yet curiously introspective in a genuine way. The city is under attack by a curious pandemic of amnesia: tens of thousands suddenly forget everything about their past life. So seems to happen to the main character, found on a bus without documents and hence unidentifiable. Since nobody comes to look for him and identify him, he is enrolled in a program that aims at giving new identities to unidentified people. The film is obviously about how memories shape an identity, but this is tackled in a most unexpected way even knowing the premise of the film. It is suggested that the main character seems to remember things from his old life, but it may be because of the titular apples he keeps eating contonuously, which are told to have the power to bring back memories. In the tradition estabilished by Lanthymos (whom Nikou assisted in Dogtooth), the scenes are austere and dry, yet there is room for the interior journey of the main character, around which the film is constructed, allowing not so much an introspective look, but rather a very close view (additionally, the narrowness of the narrative is paralleled by the 4:3 aspect ratio). It's a debut film, and it is not flawless, one can argue that the analysis on the effects of memory loss and identity loss are not deep enough, but Nikou has been able to convey a double-effect of apparent introspectiveness, yet distanced look, which I found interesting enough to be interested in future projects by him.

Reviewed by leodiosb 9 / 10

An analog metaphor

A parallel universe of loneliness. An isolated man without memories. A new beginning. Brilliant Smart Inspiring

Reviewed by mehobulls 7 / 10

It has the strangeness inherent in a Yorgos Lanthimos film, but this one's a charmer.

A dash of Philip K. Dick & Julio Cortazar (Disturbed Memory Department of the Neurological Hospital) and lots of Greek Weird Wave clichés - deadpan humor, doom and gloom, alienation, grief, identity-crisis, ennui etc. Alas, Apples lacks the haunting sadism of Lanthimos and Makridis' films which could make it more palatable to a wider audience. Nikou's suggestion - amnesia is not a disease, but a cure - is intriguing.

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