Aquarium of the Dead


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 14

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D.C. Douglas as Daniel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Going to the aquatic park will never be the same again...

Well, if you are familiar with the movies - the mockbusters - that the movie company The Asylum churn out, then you know what you are in for when you sit down to watch "Aquarium of the Dead".

And yeah, "Aquarium of the Dead" was exactly what you would expect from The Asylum, for better or worse. The storyline and the concept here was actually fun enough, but the movie was just not made great by the inferior special effects and CGI. And let's face it, for a movie such as "Aquarium of the Dead", then special effects are a must.

Sure, I was lured in to watching "Aquarium of the Dead" because of the title. And also because I saw that the movie had Vivica A. Fox on the cast list. And when I saw The Asylum on the intro screen, I must admit that my expectations to the movie went right out the window.

Yet, I opted to watch "Aquarium of the Dead" on the odd chance that this was actually one of those rare moments where The Asylum actually churn out something worthwhile watching. However, as it turned out, then "Aquarium of the Dead" wasn't really one such moment.

The movie just settled into a very monotonous pace and it never really got into gear. So the movie experience was rather prolonged and bland. And the terrible CGI effects weren't exactly doing much to sell the movie.

The acting in "Aquarium of the Dead" was pretty much what you would and could expect from a movie such as this, and from a movie made by The Asylum. It is cheesy and campy, sure, but not among the worst of acting performances I have seen.

I managed to sit through the entire ordeal, but I can in all honesty say that I am not going to watch "Aquarium of the Dead" a second time. Nor is it a movie that I would recommend you sit down to watch.

The storyline told in "Aquarium of the Dead" just felt like it was something that director Glenn Miller was making up as they filmed the movie. So I don't really know what writers Marc Gottlieb and Michael Varrati were thinking here when they wrote the script for "Aquarium of the Dead".

But hey, at least "Aquarium of the Dead" offered something that haven't been seen before. I mean reanimated dead starfish, dolphin, walrus, octopus and crocodile. And you might think that would make for a gloriously fun movie. Well, no, not so much actually.

My rating of the 2021 movie "Aquarium of the Dead" lands on a three out of ten stars.

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