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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 6 / 10

Had Potential Then it Didn't

Opening had some great style; nice serial killer type character acting then halfway through the movie it stopped and then they had some potential killings and it was not that good.

It had some real potential and then there was barely any killings. There are NO heroes in the movie. The one person that COULD have been died halfway through.

The movie was not good, and I don't think I can sit through it again.

Reviewed by kyleallencole9 4 / 10

Sort of a slasher

This movie was pretty cool. For it supposedly being a slasher flick, there wasn't enough kills in this one. The movie opens with a pair of lifeguards getting sliced up by someone with a machete. Then it cuts to a pack of recent high school graduates having a bash at a popular water park. Almost the entire film consists of drugs, brief nudity and teenage drama. I'd say the last ten minutes of the film that you get to see some blood and gore. If you watch the trailer, then you see that one of the water slides has two very sharp blades sticking through it. There's a slide contest where many of the teens hit the blades and come out in bloody pieces of flesh. The very last minute of the film, they reveal the killer, but there is not much of a backstory or real conclusion. Throughout the film, they talk about murders that occurred there 30 years before, so the killer was a child during that time and came out twisted by the killings so that's why they were killing people there was to have the place permanently shut down. There is a few other killings that happen off screen as well. I will say this, that there isn't any indication to who the killer is either. No real suspense or mystery with any of the characters in this movie. The acting was in fact decent and the film was surprisingly not low budget. Decent watch at best

Reviewed by daryldemarco-752-177177 5 / 10

Urban Legend

There was an incident in our city Edinburgh of someone who put razor blades in a flume... This was about 20 years ago. it is so clouded with mystery no one knows if this was really true, or fabricated but it definately put many people off from venturing down the slide. This film brought back that childhood memory just bigger blades. Unfortunately the pace of this flick was more than questionable and there was a lot of weak points in the script... it's not a complete waste of time but with little to no character depth etc etc... it is hard to name many positives. Ah well over all it is not the worst ever!

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