Arabian Adventure


Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 956

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Milo O'Shea as Khasim
Art Malik as Mamhoud
Capucine as Vahishta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by an0nym1985 7 / 10

Nice movie

Director Kevin Connor shot a nice movie for 4.000.000 US$: Arabian Adventure. If one keeps in mind that this film was produced a long time before CGI and for such a "low" budget (if one compares is with other ones), one could say that this film is really successful and a great fun to watch.

The story is a simple fairy of Arabic nights and one night. A young hero loves the attractive daughter of a bad magician. To marry this young lady he has to find a talisman and bring it to the father of this princess. Some of his friends help him to do this job, but one of this "helpers" is a traitor. After a long journey, a lot of dangers and fights he marries his princes and everybody is happy ...

The actors aren't that good, many of them haven't a lot of experience and in those days the stunts were not as successful as they are today. But all in all they were OK.

If the team had the technical possibilities of today, the special effects would have been quiet good. But for those days, they were really successful.

The set-design and the clothes were really very good. One can't say anything against them.

I highly recommend this film to all fairy fans. The film keeps what the title promises, it's a real Arabian Adventure.

Reviewed by fanan450 7 / 10

if you are a fan of 70's and 80's fantasy, then go see this

A beautiful movie, simple story that was well written and directed , of course it will not won an oscar , but after 39 years from it produced and with those old special effects back then, I guarante to all , you will not regret, you will enjoy as I really enjoyed watching it with my kids, it's simple ,charm, magic and funny, that the kind of movies we are missing in these days, it's really worth your time .

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 5 / 10

The Rose Of Arabia.

Arabian Adventure is directed by Kevin Connor and written by Brian Hayles. It stars Christopher Lee, Milo O'Shea, Oliver Tobias, Emma Samms and Puneet Sira. Music is by Ken Thorne and cinematography by Alan Hume.

A prince is sent by an evil sorcerer (Lee) on a quest for a magical rose. Should he succeed, he hopes that as a reward he will win the hand of the princess.

Sometimes to moderately enjoy a film of this type, you just got to take yourself back to a time when simple children's adventure movies were made with simple film making techniques. This obviously doesn't hold up well these days, where even given the year it was made it was way behind advancements that were being made in special effects. Thus it's highly unlikely that the prepubescents of today would have the patience or care for such a production. Yet it doesn't lack for charm.

Is charm enough? Well it's not a great or very good film, it's heavy on chatter, the effects are indeed a little crude, acting and accents are borderline dire, and it seems to take an age to get going, yet it's not insulting like many far bigger budget pictures have been: even nowadays! It's best just to roll with it, enjoy the whimsy and the many small roles by the likes of Peter Cushing, Mickey Rooney, Capucine and, erm, John Ratzenberger.

Forgettable once it's over, but harmless with it. 5/10

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