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2023 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 976

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PalmBeachG 5 / 10

Boring Movie

That don't hea "Love At First Kiss" on Netflix, and just abt 1 1/2 hours long, this movie was really boring. I have no idea why it got a TV-MA rating as I didn't see anything warranting that rating at all. The ML accidentally kisses his best friends girlfriend and he believes that he can tell from the first kiss whether he will have a future with that person or not. Of course the kiss was that kind of kiss for him, so he goes on to pursue her and the story takes off from there but couldn't be more boring. It is centered around his publishing business that isn't doing well and there is alot of boring side dialog on it; another side story with another girl that has a crush on him that has a moment or two but not much, and the ending is not very satisfying at all.

Reviewed by Gandim 8 / 10

and now for something completely different

Romantic comedies are a dime a dozen and all has been written and done before, but this one is different... oddly enough, but yeah... different!

It's not "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boys gets girl back... this boy keeps meeting girl after girl after girl after girl and he always knows where things go and he ditches them before losing them. Until one day (or one girl) he doesn't know where it can go...

Love shouldn't feel comfortable but exciting, it shouldn't be a "deja vu" or a "been there done that" but more of a "I really don't know what's coming and that's great!"... and that's exactly what this boy - and us, the viewer - get, and that's what makes this movie different, fresh and great!

Reviewed by saxamy 1 / 10


This was among the worst romance movies I've ever seen. It is absolutely terrible and it is so bad it should be removed from all streaming services!! Don't wait your time on this crap. The writer is clearly delusional or hit their head at some point, I could have never thought such an awful story existed. Everything in the movie was going great, it was a wonderful movie, the plot was so fun and wonderful and I was loving the movie. And then the last ten minutes ruined the whole thing. A whole hour and a half wasted all In ten minutes. There are so many different endings the author could have and should have chosen. And don't even get me started on the trailer. That is nothing like the movie would be like. At all. This movie was the worst movie I can ever remember watching.

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