Are You Happy Now


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Josh Ruben as Adam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

if you feel...

More happy after watching this film, then youre either deceased or youll need to see a doctor. Its a film about 4 quirky people and a bunch of chicken ,running a chicken fly away restaurant, the 2 main caracters do wish love, but they are obviously not made for eachother, and thats the beginning and the end of story...

this is not a moodbooster, the comedy sits deep in there aka. The grumpy old man didnt laugh at all, the verbal comedy mode is really boring and becomes annoying after a while. Things that are issued with in this film is trouble that everyone has been through once or more in a lifetime, with few exceptions, sad stuff that youll rather bury 6 feet below and not be reminded of. The actors do act in a plausible fashion but didnt engage at all.

Therefore its just a four out of ten star worthy movie, just move to the next one asap.

Reviewed by trinaboice 6 / 10

Quirky and charming for first-time director David Beinstein

IN A NUTSHELL: Congratulations to first-time director David Beinstein. He also wrote the movie.

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW is the story of Adam, who can't live without Gina, so when he finally gets the nerve up to ask her to marry, he's devastated by her principled refusal. "Husbands used to own their wives!" she retorts, having no interest in recreating her parents' tortured home. Gina finally agrees to marry, but Adam's hardly up to the task.

If you're into quirky characters, you might get a kick out of this flick.

THINGS I LIKED: I had never seen Josh Ruben act in anything before, but I did see the movie he directed called Werewolves Within, which I thought was super entertaining. He also serves as producer of the movie. I'm a fan.

Lots of quirky, entertaining characters. It made me think of some of the oddballs in Napoleon Dynamite Some people think that movie is hilarious because of its quirkiness. Others think it's just too weird and pointless. This movie struck me as similar in that regard.

The talented cast includes Ismenia Mendes, David Ebert, Gregory Jones, Catherine Curtin, and Blake DeLong.

The scene with the Fred Astaire movie clips was insightful.

The chicken metaphor was clever as it related to the personalities of the two main guys.

I like how the individual stories and characters intersected.

Keep watching during the closing credits for a bunch of additional scenes.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: The film meanders and wanders.

Josh Ruben's character is endearing but also seems to be somewhere on "the spectrum". Gina is quirky, but Adam seems to have learning disabilities of some kind. His mouth is always open with a dopey expression on his face, making him appear to be an unequal intellectual match for Gina.

Cute, but an abrupt ending.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Portrayal of suicide Profanity and tons of F-bombs An unmarried couple sleeps together You see a hairy, shirtless guy. Later, you see him in just his underwear.

Talk & portrayal of acupuncture

THEMES: Marriage Love Relationships Brothers Fear Friendship Accepting people for who they are.

You can see my full review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.

Reviewed by rajeeshjohn 2 / 10

Mediocre effort...

I guess, I went in with some expectation since this movie is based on a tried and worn out subject. Needless to say that I was thoroughly disappointed. The acting was below par from almost all the cast. The progression of the story was really boring and unrelatable. I'm giving this a two star for the effort made.

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