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Nina Dobrev as Lori
Kellan Lutz as David Lord
James Remar as Agent McCarty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Bad direction spoils the experience

ARENA is a straight-to-video fight flick with a predictable storyline about a young man who is kidnapped and forced to fight to the death in an arena for the enjoyment of Internet audiences. The thing that spoils it is some really shabby direction from an inexperienced director best known for his work in the visual effects field. The various fight scenes, although very gruesome, are shot with stupid-looking filters and the like which robs the viewer's enjoyment and renders them near unwatchable. The rest of the film is familiar from beginning to end, with trite dialogue and tired performances. I've seen Kellan Lutz in a few things now and he fails to impress in all of them, while Samuel L. Jackson is only here to grab the paycheque. The only actors who seem to be trying are those in smaller roles, namely genre veterans Derek Mears and James Remar.

Reviewed by qsluvflaky 9 / 10

I actually love this. Recommend WATCHING IT for boring days !!

If you expect a movie with some juicy, mind-blowing plot this is not a movie to choose. Instead, this is a gory, predictable plot. AWESOME for those nights where you want to watch something that is great for passing time. With it's tension during fights and the goriness, it doesn't get better than that. For people who likes abs and gore at the same time, THIS IS FOR YOU, enough said. A good movie for sleepovers to get the house NOISY. There are some romance and sadness to it too. It is like those oldies martial art movies. Nostalgic, gory, punch full of abs and some humor here and there. Tips: Don't watch this immediately after dinner

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10


Okay, well I had never imagined that Samuel L. Jackson would be a movie such as this, but here was. And the reason for why he was, I cannot even begin to fathom. But this 2011 movie was a swing and a wide miss, a stinker if you will.

The abomination that is supposed to resemble a storyline was so shallow and pointless that it hardly even mattered. A guy who loses his wife and unborn son in accident is kidnapped and brought in to fight in an online death game, where he fight against overwhelming odds.

The storyline was so pointless and stupid that the only thing keeping the movie anywhere near afloat is the fight scenes and the overall stupidity of it all as it becomes a farce. And everything is so predictable that even a blind man sees it coming a mile away.

As for the acting in the movie, well let's just say don't get your hopes up too high. The actors and actresses had very little to work with in "Arena", and it reflected on the overall movie.

I bought this movie because Samuel L. Jackson was in it, but I was sorely disappointed. And I must say that this was a blemish on his track record of movies.

In my opinion then I would suggest that you give this 2011 movie a wide berth and pass on it, because it is utterly mindless and not particularly entertaining in any sense.

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