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Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez
Bryan Cranston as Jack O'Donnell
Taylor Schilling as Christine Mendez
Richard Kind as Max Klein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Java_Joe 4 / 10

Good movie but not really based on a true story.

I'll put this out there right now. I'm no fan of Ben Affleck. I just never felt he was a good actor but I didn't let that keep me from seeing this movie everybody was talking about.

And yes, let me also put this right out there, the movie is loosely based on the "Canadian Caper" in which 6 American diplomats were safely hidden away in the Ambassador's home and then using faked Canadian passports were flown out of Tehran. I say loosely based because as everybody knows it was 90% Canada's involvement that these 6 people got out. It was Ambassador Ken Taylor who came up with the idea, the Canadian government that allowed these 6 to be issued passports and they were then returned home.

But that's not what this movie shows. No. It shows that Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck, was not only the mastermind of this but downplayed just about anything the Canadians did. Of course after a very Canadian, a.k.a. polite, dressing down by Ken Taylor Ben has since said that the Canadians did help much more than they did.

Having said that this is a good movie. There's some A-list actors in it. There's some great cinematography which shows that maybe Ben's skill lies behind the camera. There's some action scenes because you need action scenes today and there's a feeling of triumph when they finally get airborne and are off to freedom.

But that doesn't take away from the fact they played really fast and loose with the truth. It's like in U-571. It was the British that captured the Enigma machine but we need Americans to do it for an American audience because they don't like it when others are the heroes. And that's possibly the biggest flaw with this movie. Americans need to learn that they're not the greatest on the face of the planet and that other people have helped them along the way.

So thank you Canada for what you've done for us. I just wish this movie could have shown you in a better light.

Reviewed by LordElrondd 4 / 10

Argo : Political…Just Political.

This movie was so horrible that I can't even begin to describe it.

First, I'm going to break it down in 2 sections: the technical part and the historical aspect.

The Story was a mess and cliché. Such stories have been done so many times that 2 minutes within the movie you are able to guess every event and turnover that the story is going to take: An Unknown CIA agent who has troubles with his wife and family goes on a dangerous, life threatening mission to save the lives of Americans. In the process, he disobeys a direct order, accomplishes the mission, comes back home and gets a medal for it. And he is reunited with his family. And everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

That's the movie, summed up. And I can bet everyone can agree that it's a cliché and overdone story.

Other aspect is the historical aspect. I'm from Iran myself (but I don't live there now) so I know exactly what went down. Let me start by saying that the movie in fact IS a true story but it's not the WHOLE truth. They managed to "forget" some important notes that I'm sure lots of people noticed but chose to ignore it because of all the undeserved hype around the movie. First thing is that the U.S government could give up the Shah at any time and got the hostages back in a moment's notice. But they didn't. Why? Didn't the lives of 60 US citizens outweigh the life of a dictator who needed to be brought to justice? This was never mentioned. Secondly, the Canadians role; it's very popular among the people to call that mission "Canadian Caper". The Canadians had a HUGE role in this process. In fact they had the main role. They were the ones who issued REAL Canadian passports, they were the ones who arranged the flights and coordinated people within Iran. But we see their role cut down substantially to just the mere presents of the Canadian Ambassador. Thirdly, the movie fails to mention that the attack on the US embassy in Tehran was a result of decades of the US interference in Iran's politics and decision making; All the way from appointing prime ministers to staging coups. That's what drove the people to that point, and the film, once again fails to mention that. The film goes on to do what a typical Hollywood "true story" does. Dramatize actual events and make it into a Hollywood film. and a typical Hollywood ending scene (which never happened in real)

Once again, horrible, horrible movie.

Rating 4/10 : Only for the visual effects and production design which was adequate.

Reviewed by CousinBagunca 10 / 10

Good movie. Nice adaptation.

Argo (2012) is a nice adaptation of the Canadian Caper events.

If you're going for it, you gotta be aware that, most of the times, a police drama thriller is not about action, fast scenes, no; it's about tension, plot, thrill.

Good movie.

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