Army of Darkness


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 158240

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Embeth Davidtz as Sheila
Bridget Fonda as Linda
Sam Raimi as Knight in Sweatshirt and Sneakers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maniac-9 10 / 10

Bruce Campbell in his prime

Bruce Campbell is the absolute king of B Movies and in this movie he's in the absolute prime of his career. He's got such screen presence doing all the corny and off the wall jokes in what is the third movie of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy. The first movie was pretty much a straight up horror movie, then Evil Dead 2 while it still had a bit of true horror in it was very much a comedy film also, in Army of Darkness they go all out with the comedy. But the comedy is done tastefully and doesn't make the movie into a parody of the previous films like a lot of bad movies like Scary Movie do. Plus it doesn't hurt that they time travel back to medieval times instead of being a modern day cabin like the previous two movies were.

Embeth Davidtz plays the female lead who is normally known for much more boring movies like The English Patient and what not shines in a much different role for her. Even Bridget Fonda has a cameo at the beginning of the movie.

Reviewed by oneguyrambling 10 / 10

Look what Michael Bay can do with hundreds of millions and wonder why it isn't nearly this good.

Evil Dead 3 goes by many different AKAs.

However even though the film is nearly 20 years old and was low budget even then it still holds up. It remains unbelievably quotable and helped make Bruce Campbell move from a B movie actor into a B Movie Star, and the director Sam Raimi a bona fide Hollywood big shot, I think the Spiderman films might've helped though…

In the first 5 minutes Raimi effortlessly manages to catch us up on the first two films by showing the summarised backstory, only now including new scenes and events that featured Bridget Fonda as Ash's lady friend, and introducing his S-Mart career. Only a few details actually line up with the events of the first two films – which were in reality the same film made twice anyway – but who cares when the new elements are this fun? In short we rejoin Ash as he is dragged inexorably into another dimension by the forces of evil, ending up in an earlier time of (say) the 1200s, when men were men, demons were prevalent and a constant threat, and American people spoke with thick and contrived British accents – especially the extras.

Ash immediately finds himself stuck between two warring factions, the heavily armed castle fortress of Arthur and his men, and the (allegedly) vicious and desperate forces of Henry the Red – so named due to his amazing flaming mullet. Both sides believe the other are responsible for bringing the evil to wreak havoc on one and all.

After Ash hilariously proves that he is neither a "Deadite" nor a disciple of Henry the Red – and with his shotgun nor is he a man to be f*cked with – the local "wise one" declares him the "One" that has been foretold (look out Keanu, Eddie Murphy et al).

On hearing this and enjoying the subsequent grovelling and fawning that the desperate villages bestow upon him Ash reverts back to the wisecracking, self centred and cocky character that he gradually morphed into in ED2 – though it must be said that this attitude get ratcheted up a few notches with this film. If Evil Dead was a horror film with a few chuckles, and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn was a horror-comedy, Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness is a comedy-horror, with perhaps 75% laughs and 25% scares and gore. But even the scares are more funny and the gore is more played for laughs than gasps.

Ash heads off to find the magical Book of the Dead – the Necronomicon – which will banish the forces of evil and allow Ash to head back to his own time and minimum wage job. Of course his solo quest is destined to never run smoothly, and over the journey Ash must face and defeat a series of mini Ashes (in an amazingly creative Must-see scene), his evil doppelganger Evil Ash and his interred horde of undead minions who range from mere skeletons to more recently deceased zombie soldiers.

Along the way there is much over the top gore and action, some witty and incredibly arrogant dialogue, some "Three Stooges" homages and the extraordinary physical acting abilities of a young Bruce Campbell. He and Raimi are well acknowledged as longtime best friends, and they obviously had a ball making this film and threw everything but the kitchen sink into it… amazing considering this is only an 80 odd minute film depending on which version you have. Raimi is well know for reveling in the on screen torture of pal Bruce so in the film Ash must perform some incredible "backwards acting", get attacked by flying and biting books, get attacked by underground bones and perform lengthy and intricate sword fighting combinations.

The evil dead soldiers are often shown in stop motion animation, and there are some shots that I would guess are either homages or were influenced by the work of Harryhausen. Perhaps if they made the same film today CGI might make it look prettier and make some of the actions of the undead a little less herky-jerky, but it wouldn't make the film any better. Every one of the apparently precious few dollars can be seen on screen, with the diminished budget demanding that the film-makers and crew simply had to be more creative than ever before.

Thankfully Raimi, Campbell and co were up to the task, the rough edges of Army of Darkness don't detract from the film at all, if anything they make it funnier. A scene in which one of Evil Ash's generals asks for orders and then rides off is hilarious when you look at the General's riding partner who is obviously little more than a skeleton shaped scarecrow, and the appearance of an unwitting crew member in the original version is another quirky and amusing oversight that enhances my enjoyment of this brilliant film.

The Evil Dead trilogy already represents some of the best examples, in horror, horror-comedy and simply comedy in cinematic history.

Not a bad effort for a few blokes with a miniscule budget and a few crazy ideas. After all look at what Michael Bay can do with hundreds of millions of dollars and ask yourself is that better? I'll break the suspense for you: Hell no it isn't!

Final Rating – 9.5 / 10. A brilliant conclusion to one of the better trilogies in cinema history. Ash will go down as one of the horror genre's defining characters.

P.S. I know a remake is slated for release next year, with a 0% chance of improvement on the originals why bother?

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

The Evil Dead Series-Part 3:Army of Darkness.

Only having three titles by Dario Argento left to see (I ended up picking Phantom of the Opera,which apart from the continuing of a few themes was a missed opportunity for Dario) I decided to go for another movie to watch as a double bill on my 31st birthday. Receiving the complete set from very kind fellow IMDber Red-Barracuda,I decided that it was the perfect time to see the evil dead rise again.

View on the film:

Revving back to life after a five year gap, co-writer/(with brother Ivan) director Sam Rami & The Matrix cinematographer Bill Pope transfer the free-flowing ultra-stylisation of the first two onto a much larger canvas,with the extended,rapid-fire tracking shots of the first films morphing into explosive battle scenes that spin flying first-person shots across the sky towards their targets. Taking the series in a more open Fantasy/Ray Harryhausen-inspired direction,Rami tones down the gory horror shocks for playful Slap-Stick Horror (!) that ties Ash into Gulliver's Travels,and the Medieval setting allowing Rami to use Harryhausen-style stop-motion animation to bring an army of darkness back from the evil dead.

Sending Ash's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 into Medieval times, the screenplay by the Rami's chop their lone hero into a fish out of water adventure,where Ash's off the cuff one-liners leads to very funny gruff exchanges with the knights. Whilst less focused on the horror element,the writers do well twisting the Adventure tale into the Horror genre,as Ash is sent as a man on a mission to retrieve The Book of the Dead,and a surprising dip into Sci-Fi ends the trilogy on an excellent chilling note. Picking up the chainsaw again, Bruce Campbell gives a hyper-active performance as Ash,who leaps into action to take on the evil dead's army of darkness.

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