Around the Block


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
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Christina Ricci as Dino Chalmers
Ruby Rose as Hannah
Matt Nable as Jack Wood
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Reviewed by xposipx 6 / 10


Many people will see this as the stereotypical "rich white teacher reaches out to urban kids" film, but it worked for me as it adds a wrinkle to the old plot.

Christina Ricci player her part well as the enthusiastic teacher; however, the side plot concerning her sexuality was far less interesting than the main play revolving around Liam and his family. What really made it work for me was integrating Hamlet into the story and loosely basing the kid's experience on the play. That does tip the viewer off that it will end in tragedy, but it keeps the ending more realistic as well.

Spillane direction in Around the Block is great overall and just has a few cheesy scenes involving music montages. What bumps this from a below average movie to a slightly above average movie is Hunter Page-Lochard's acting. With any less, this movie could have been abysmal. He does a good, believable job and naturally acts out the part making this worth the view.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 1 / 10

Not that great...

This isn't the first time Christina Ricci disappointed me, she's a great little actress but this isn't the best movie she has ever done in her film career. That's only just my opinion!

I felt the movie was very confusing, are we concentrating on Christina Ricci's character or the boy. Even though the plot says it's about the boy but it's also about Dino Chalmers. Which one are we concentrating on here?

Thanks to the movie making me bored, I did not get to see Christina Ricci's and Ruby Rose's love scene. Yeah it was my fault for not seeing it but really, Ruby Rose didn't seem to appear much. It would be far better off if they concentrating on one story and not have them lumped on top of each other!

This movie is all over the shop, it seriously needs redecorating!

Reviewed by Objectivity 9 / 10

I expected nothing but was blown away

Make no mistake - anyone who gives less than 6 to this film is prejudiced, whether they know it or not, or they are white Australians who do not want to accept that there other "Australias" within Australia.

If you watch this film with nothing other than curiosity as to where it will take you, you cannot help but be blown away by the simple power of this film.

Kudos to the screenplay, kudos to the director, kudos to the obvious off-the-cuff but first class acting, particularly in the prison scenes and the first rehearsal, and kudos for putting it all together as if you are watching Life rather than a film.

It is a film with so many stories : Liam's of course, but, also, his mother's story, his teacher's story (Christina Ricci), his brother's story, his school's story, the gubba teacher's story, his brother's story, and last but not least, his father's story. All of these stories grab you by the throat but you have to not be prejudiced to "see" all those stories.

A brilliant film.

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