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Amy Adams as Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent Halpern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlikJedi719 10 / 10

The art of storytelling

"I used to think this was the beginning of your story.... We're so bound by time", Dr. Louise Banks said within the first 30 seconds of the film. Little did I know upon my first viewing that this was the true theme of the whole movie.

Arrival to its core is about the power of language, and how much language shapes who we are, what we think, how we see the world around us, etc. When the alien race comes to earth Dr. Banks is tasked with discovering their language and how to communicate with them to understand why they're here. As she learns more she discovers that they don't think like we think, or communicate like we communicate. She discovers the aliens are not bound by time as the humans are, and encourages Dr. Banks to use "the weapon".

There's dialogue between Ian and Dr. Banks halfway through the film where they discuss the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which essentially means if you study a foreign language long enough you can rewire your brain; that the language you speak determines how you think. As Dr. Banks learns more of this alien language she begins acquiring the knowledge to think how they think - which is non-linear, unbound by time.

This theme is present through the whole movie: from her daughter, to the spelling of her daughters name, Hannah (makes more sense upon viewing the film), to the big reveal at the end.

But the true beauty is that the farther the viewer goes and acquires the knowledge along with Dr. Banks, we too understand that the story itself is non-linear - the beginning of the movie is actually the end. We see the beginning and think it's the beginning as you normally do, but as we become immersed and follow Dr. Banks, learning what she learns, we too become set free by time.

The question is: if you knew your life from beginning to end, would you change anything? This movie is more than an alien invasion, which we've seen a thousand times. It's much deeper than that, and should be appreciated as such. Arrival showcases the art of storytelling.

Easily a 10/10

Reviewed by RexAtTheMovies 9 / 10

One That Sticks With You Emotionally

As the climax of the movie wanes and you slowly begin to realize the true meaning of this film, you can't help but feel overwhelmed and ask yourself, "what if I got another chance at life?"

It is not a sci-fi film. This is a true love story. Not a romance, but as the Greek call it, Agape. The highest form of love. She knows how her story ends, but she chooses to relive her fate.

I don't really want to give anything critical away here because this movie needs to be watched, and it needs to be felt. Anyone who has had pain, disappointments, or regrets, needs to watch this movie for its beautiful message, and enjoy it for what it is- a well made movie that is unique and beautiful in every way, something sorely lacking in Hollywood these days.

One note: Max Richter's "On The Nature of Daylight" was perfectly utilized in this film, I truly do not think the moment it was used would not be as impactful if not for this beautiful song. The end was definitely the highlight of the film, and when you hear the faint, weeping strings come in, it's almost automatic, you begin to feel like the events that are unfolding are happening to you. Truly a remarkable film in every way.

Reviewed by tahseenahmed 10 / 10

Time. Life. Gift. You. Gift. Life. Time.

As a kid, my dad used to tell me stories at night just like any other dads out there. I grew up, got busy with life but those priceless timeless beautiful storytelling moments that I once shared, that amazed me in wonder, curiosity, imagination and desire to know more..

I know if I think hard enough I might remember some of them, but that's not the point. The point is all those stories had characters and people and objects and places and things that I could either imagine or something that I could picture and understand and visualize in my young mind. If not for those imaginable characters and people, I would have never understood those stories, the true meaning of the story, the actual story behind the story that my dad probably wanted me to understand.

Arrival, for me is such a story. Aliens are just fun characters that help me understand the story so I can actually see beyond it and understand the untold story. You see, the way I understand it is that the director had to dumb it down for us and wrap this movie in a sci-fi genre and add aliens so you could relate it to something you are familiar with and hoped, really hoped that we try to understand the true purpose, the message behind all this. It simply couldn't have been portrayed better than this!

This movie teaches you a lot of things, if you are ready to learn. About 'time' and how much we are bound by it, about life and death, about loving unconditionally, about believing in yourself that everything happens for a reason, and so much more..

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