Art of the Prank


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10

Doesn't Live up to the Hype

The Premise. Art of the Prank is an emotional and humorous journey following the evolution of Joey Skaggs,

Godfather of the media hoax, as he tries to pull off the most challenging prank of his career.

This is interwoven with amazing archive footage of his earlier escapades-all reported as fact by prestigious journalists.

The resulting twists and turns provide unprecedented insight into Joey's work as an artist, activist and social satirist.

I was REALLY ho[ping to like this movie. Unfortunately it's rather boring. It also shows that Scaggs hey day was 25 years ago and now he's all dried up of creativity.

His stunts are silly and easily debunked, but the media could not care less about vetting.

I forget the guy's name, but Scaggs is NOT the godfather of the prank. There was another guy before him who was so much better and a documentary was made about him a number of years ago by his daughter. Look for that one.

Reviewed by katymayhudson 10 / 10

Brilliant Doc on Performance Artist/Media Prankster Joey Skaggs with haunting message

Watching the Art of the Prank was a totally joy inducing experience. Marini takes us through 30+ years of the career and times of Joey Skaggs, performance artist, provocateur, culture jammer, and media hoax extraordinaire, in what is a fascinating study of not only Mr. Skaggs artistry but also a haunting look at how our current systems of information are warped and easily manipulated. While this documentary is a highly entertaining journey about the life and art of Joey Skaggs, more aptly it reflects how broken and unreliably modern media outlets are. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Highly recommend it. I laughed, I cried. It was better than "Cats".

Reviewed by argyleheights 10 / 10

Very Very Funny Flick

Loved, loved, LOVED this movie! I like to laugh when I watch a flick and this one did not disappoint. A guy dressed as a priest bicycling around midtown with a booth in tow to offer quick confessions to New Yorkers? Who is then covered by the earnest local press as a sincere cutting edge padre ministering to the harried masses? If you think that might be funny, see this movie! And the construct is terrific: instead of doing just a "greatest hits" compendium of Joey Skaggs' pranks that fooled print and TV reporters (of which there are plenty in the movie), the documentary morphs into a close-up of a Joey prank which is a fake documentary that fooled the festival cinema crowd. The pace is great and the laughs are heartfelt. I saw this with a pal who thought this was not a good time to cast reporting in a negative light considering the present hostile environment created by Trump and his acolytes. I say, fear not, oh defenders of the fourth estate! This movie is a great tonic against all that madness. I wish everyone sees it - they will experience a wonderfully apolitical HILARIOUS treatise on what fake news REALLY is all about.

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