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Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 5295

lgbt black lgbt teen drama drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edb-5 2 / 10

Script vs. Acting ***spoilers***

Wow! Can't believe the IMDb rating! I suspect it comes from people associated with the production. The script concept is mediocre at best, but the acting, with a few exceptions, is simply awful. The actor playing Demetrius was just about the only one whose acting approached natural. Really bad direction as well. Demetrius' falling for Emanuel was totally unbelievable. The nude scenes are pretentious, as is much of the cinematography. Amateur student quality. No-that would be a compliment. Just terrible.

Reviewed by JJ-Chi 5 / 10

Enjoyable ...but quite flawed

This was only an hour long and the story seems to missing several important pieces. The characters never get a chance to be fully developed and we keep wondering what is wrong w/them. We are expected to make huge jumps of belief/acceptance, but are never able to fully "connect" w/any character (one character falls madly in love and becomes an emotional wreck on the first date). Then we get a quick ending and conclusion to the story. Also, the acting by the two leads was good, but I found ALL of the adult actors were difficult to watch or to take seriously. It was enjoyable, but after thinking about; not so great.

Reviewed by fbianco-99862 4 / 10

This might make a great limited series on Netflix

The main characters are very believable and do a great job of conveying how these people feel. But, all the other acting is horrible, very over the top and implausible. It is beautifully filmed in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona yet the audio quality is amateurish. Very tinny and obviously low budget. Then the movie just stops. As some of the other reviews indicate it does appear to have many parts missing. Did they run out of money and that's why it's so short? Maybe the story really isn't over? Is there more to come?

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