Assault on Fort Texan

1965 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 4.6 10 37

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Edmund Purdom as Major 'Sugar' Patterson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Typical Spanish/Italian Paella, Spaghetti Western, pre-Sergio Leone, with shootouts, cavalry charges and Indian attacks

So-so western in medium budget, it qualifies a mediocre level and regular actors. At the end of the American civil war (1861-1865) , a battalion of Confederate soldiers is commanded by two Southern Generals, Quantrell : Jose Marco and Tomas Blanco, as they attempt to pass to Mexican territory, so that they hope to get help of Emperor Maximiliam. Meanwhile, with the help of Apache Indians they try to defeat an Union fort. The Confederate regiment has to pass the small town of Wichita and Fort Worth, that's why they agree with chief Apache Chief Wild Horse : Rafael Albaicin to take over the fort run by the Fifth Cavalry . As the undercover Confederate official, Eduardo Fajardo, and the Indian chief carry out a set-up to vanquish the Fifth Cavalry . After that, there comes the Seventh Cavalry commanded by a Major Sam Allison : Paul Piaget, Colonel Maxfield : Umberto Raho and underlings as the womanizer captain Patterson : Edmund Purdom.

Average cavalry Western with ordinary genre stars and usual ingredients as noisy action, thrills, cavalry charges and crossfire. It is a simple and plain Western, with no much interest, paced in fits and starts. A traditional style Spaghetti, Paella Western, pre-Sergio Leone boom, it takes parts here and there of the themes of the American old Westerns. Stars the American Edmund Purdom, tarnished actor who started playing Hollywood films as The prince student, The Egyptian, Athena, The Prodigal, subsequently he emigrated Italy where starred movies of all kinds of genres such as Nefertiti queen of the Nile, Mr. Scarface , Rulers of city, Dr. Frankenstein's castle of freaks, Big boss, Ator the fighting eagle, After the fall of New York. Co-starred by the Spanish Paul Piaget who played a few films, mostly Westerns, until his early death. And others actors, ordinary in Pasta or Chorizo Western, such as Monica Randall under pseudonym Aurora Julia performing a young Indian who falls for Petterson : Edmund Purdom , Evelyn Stewart or Yla Galli as a Saloon girl who rudtls to be daughter of a Southern General, Rafael Abaicin who usually plays natives here as Chief Wild Horse , Luis Barboo, Tomas Blanco, Jose Marco as the famous Quantrell who after finished war he would countinue fighting by creating a Guerrilla , Umberto Raho, Emilio Rodriguez, and the always nasty Eduardo Fajardo.

Faded cinematography Eloy Meya, as a perfect remastering being really necessary. Atmospheric and evocative musical score by Manuel Parada. Being shot on ordinary location in Manzanares del Real, La Pedriza, Madrid. Produced and written by the important producer Eduardo Manzanos Brochero who financed a lot of westerns such as Matalo, Taste of hate, Two crosses in Danger Pass, Comes Sartana, Welcome Father Murray, Kid Rodelo, One by one, Bandit Malpelo, among others. The motion picture was uneven and regularly directed by Alberto De Martino. Alberto was a fine professional who made a lot of films of all kinds of genres. As this artesan directed peplum : Medusa against the son of Hercules, Triumph of Hercules, The invincibles , Seven Spartans, Rivolta of the 7, Il Gladiatore Invincible . Eurospy : Operation Lady Chsplin. Wartime : Dalle Ardenne all'inferno. Terror : Hyden Park, Holocaust 2000, Miami Golem, Horror, Tempter or The AntiChrist. Thrillers : Puma Man, The man with ice eyes, Rome like Chicago, The Consiliere. And Westerns : Django shoots first, One hundred thousand dollars for Ringo, and this Seventh Cavalry. Rating 4.5/10.

Reviewed by Marlburian 4 / 10

Good sets and photography, insultingly-dismal plot

One dull evening I found this film on YouTube and started watching it, realising after a few minutes that I'd previously tried to watch the first minutes before giving up. This time I lasted an hour.

The "Sugar" character was annoying and the female interest the most unconvincing I've ever seen, as was the plot.

The only redeeming points were good sets and scenery and excellent photography - all wasted on this production.

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