Asteroid: Final Impact


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 451

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Lochlyn Munro as Phil Barker
Emilie Ullerup as Maggie Thomas
Robin Dunne as Bill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

A waste of time - yours and mine

There really isn't very much to say about this film. I feel like I've reviewed it already in one of my reviews of at least a dozen other cheesy low budget disaster movies. Take, for example, the other films of director Jason Bourque, including STONADOS, DOOMSDAY PROPHECY, and SEATTLE SUPERSTORM. Those three and this one are so similar that it's as if Bourque is spending his life remaking the same movie.

Anyway, you know the score by now and if you don't, well, my recommendation is to avoid like the plague. Meteorites are striking Earth and laying waste to various global landmarks, and only a renegade scientist has the knowledge or know-how to stop the attacks. There's a whole lot of running around, some scientific mumbo-jumbo talk, and lots of cheesy CGI scenes of meteorite strikes.

The first thing that becomes apparent is that ASTEROID: FINAL IMPACT has little to do with asteroids, and the original title, METEOR ASSAULT, was a much better fit. The second thing is that this is a Canadian movie, so perhaps even cheaper than its contemporaries. The third is that there are no 'guest name' actors here, unless you include Lochlyn Munro (UNFORGIVEN), and I don't. It's not worth bothering with, anyway.

Reviewed by stephenabell 5 / 10

A Good Disaster Movie, With A Disastrous Ending.

This film starts off a sound disaster movie with the said asteroid of the title disappearing. When astrophysicist Steve Thomas (Mark Lutz) wants to use his asteroid tracking site to find the missing rock he finds it's now being used by the military to spy on the populace. After he blows the whistle he loses his job, his reputation, and friends. Then after a deadly meteor storm hits America he comes to realise theirs greater issues at hand. The missing rock has become a dark asteroid, which is undetectable by normal technology, only Thomas' satellite will be able to see it. However, things only get worse as it may be indestructible also.

This, for the most part, is a respectfully written, directed, and acted film. Daniel Winters creates a nice story of distrust and the consequences of one's actions, even when they are the in the right. The actors do a good job of bringing the characters to life and generating a believable universe. While the director, Jason Bourque, keeps the pace fluctuating in all the right scenes to create excitement. The special effects or decent, though nothing ground-breaking, they are used well and to their greatest potential to strengthen the story and film.

Unfortunately, and it's a big unfortunately, the ending lets the story down to the point of breaking the believability and leaving the viewing audience feeling cheated. It feels rushed, crude, and childish, which is a shame as with a better and more reasonable and realistic outcome this film could have been a rare thing - a TV movie which breaks out of the average mould.

So if you like disaster movies this may be worth watching as long as you remember that the ending needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. If bad movies bring a smile to your face when something incredibly awful and silly happens then the finale should bring a smile to your lips as it did mine; if not then stay away from the film.

Reviewed by Buick_Rogers 1 / 10

What a load of crock

Astronomer fighting "the Man" to reveal a 4 cubic kilometer Dark Asteroid heading for Earth. Scores of FBI agents hunting this man while small asteroids pummel everything and everyone AS HE IS CLEARLY (insert choice of Prime Evil). Manages to launch a hobby-rocket with a pint of liquid handwavium that vaporises the metor 500m before it impacts Earth.

Its an insult to chimpanzee intelligence. Study your navel lint rather than watch this.

Only worth one star because of the banana in the tailpipe homage.

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