At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal


Crime / Documentary / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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McKayla Maroney as Self - Former Olympic Gymnast
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mpboylanjr-54038 10 / 10

The most intense and heart wrenching 95 minutes I've witnessed

First I must say I am a male , and can not imagine what these women have gone through. I will keep it short, but the women who came forward and participated in this are amazing. This guy Larry Nasser is a bully and disgrace to the human race. This film was unbelievable and raw. It did not hold back or hide any organization above the other. They were all guilty . From the USAG to MSU and the youth groups. They all hid the truth about this monster. The dominos continue to fall on this earth shattering story, and more and more people and organizations are going down, and rightfully so. Laws were passed and it seems that the entire sport is going through a total reformation. This is a must watch and god bless the victims of this monster and all his "co defendants" . They are all getting what they deserve.

Reviewed by rachelrbrown-65666 10 / 10

I've never written a review in my life but I needed to for this

I've watched over thousands of movies, hundred of documentaries and this one was the most powerful profound documentary I have watched since dear Zachary A letter to a son about his father. I cried through this because I too have been there. These girls they are true heroes. They gave all the other women a voice. The voiceless became heard. Please just watch it. Please just become better.

Reviewed by dolive-578-564987 10 / 10

All the more powerful because it's true.

A superb film, meticulous in explaining how a pedophile operated, and how enablers in positions of high responsibility allowed him to victimize hundreds of people for about two decades. We see from this film what a blessing it is that courtroom trials are routinely videotaped for the historic record. The structure of the film is excellent, first introducing us at proper length to the joys of athleticism and the commitment required, and then how the predator won the trust a vulnerable population, culminating in the courtroom drama, the victim impact statements especially. In contrast to a perpetrator who was entirely self-interested and self-involved, this movie puts the victims front and center - it is their story. The picture does not overly advocate for them (the facts do that), it simply gives them a voice, after decades in which they were not listened to, or were not believed, or were not protected. Finally, it's a constructive report: We come away knowing pretty much exactly what we all must do - as individuals and institutions - to prevent future life-long injury to each other, in this case to one of the many acutely vulnerable groups in our community.

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