Ator, the Fighting Eagle

1982 [ITALIAN]

Action / Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 3.2 10 2211

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Laura Gemser as Indun
Edmund Purdom as Griba
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masteralkin 2 / 10

Cheesy Fun

Lots of people would call "Ator" a bad movie. I, personally, would call it delightfully cheesy, like an unintentional spoof on itself. The random use of pyrotechnics at the end, the extremely low quality acting, the plot line that was, at the same time, both stupidly simple AND made no sense, and an arch-villain that wouldn't scare a baby unless it was hit by lightning. Don't see this movie for technical genius, see it for laughs. But, make sure not to become to overcritical of the movie. It may be an extremely bad movie, but I think you will find it hard to enjoy if you are looking for problems. Just sit back, and let the cheesiness do it's work.

Reviewed by it_lives 6 / 10

They don't make em like this anymore

I have fond memories of 'Ator the fighting eagle' from the VHS version i saw as a teen in the eighties. Whatever happened to the great tradition of low budget barbarian films? Today you see try hard films with reasonable cgi effects but shockingly bad performances, and scripts that are usually anachronistic and too self aware (blame TV's Hercules and Xena for this?). The problem I think is the filmmakers of today take themselves too seriously. Make a low budget film and be proud of it, 'Ator' is not impressive on any technical front but it is sure as hell entertaining. This film isn't trying to be 'Conan' any more than a daytime TV soap is trying to be serious drama. it is what it is, if you can't deal with that then don't watch coz you just won't get it. If you can then you'll have a fun hour and a half.

Reviewed by grefly73 2 / 10

Craptastic, but in a good way!

If you are looking for a sage tale, full of mystic fantasy that takes you off to into uncharted territories, please, do not watch. If you like really hokey barbarian movies, this is perhaps one of the best.

This is not a good movie. However, that should not discourage you. If you can accept it's badness, you will enjoy it. It is so terrible that you can sit back and laugh. The furry boots, the chest armor that looks like a large dinner plate, the fact that he wants to marry his sister... Miles O'Keeffe kinda looks like an out of work porn star.

If you enjoy really bad movies, this is a must see; one of those few gems that is a funny-but-not-supposed-to-be-funny movie.

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