Attack of the Adult Babies



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweetienator 7 / 10

Grotesque Horror Comedy

A fine grotesque movie - for certain not for the mainstream audience. Lot's of dark and bad taste humor, some splatter and gore and on top a well done production and well working cast.

What else!? If you like the horror unusual, this one may be made for you - if sexy nurses, rich men in diapers and slashing people (including a heist gone wild) sound attractive to you. Remembers me somewhat a little of Eat the Rich from 1987.

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10

Attack them

The Adult Babies that is, in case you were wondering. Now the movie itself had the title "Attack of the Adult Babies" when it played at Frightfest, but just calling it Adult Babies makes more sense. Well if you can put this movie and sense in one sentence. That's actually almost impossible and very untrue/false. And despite any "moral" message this supposedly is giving us, there is not many merits to get from it.

Unless you set the bar really low and like practical effects that is. Especially the latter are the one thing that made me give it an extra point and not go for the lowest score. Having said all that, the filmmaker clearly wanted to make something people have fun with and there is one punch line (delivered by a Human Centipede "alumni") that made me laugh. So even if you don't like the movie like me, don't be mean to the people who made this. They are nice people and they just do what they like most, no matter how we perceive it. I'm saying this because some people attacked (verbally/written comments) the filmmakers personally and that is not cool at all.

So to sum up, some will like this, because it's brainless "fun" plus gore and won't mind the low quality in general. For everyone else: You should know after the trailer or after a couple of minutes ... don't put yourself through it

Reviewed by tattoopig 8 / 10

Here piggy piggy...

Crude, rude and full of poop...this is not a film for the faint of heart or those with a tummy bug! Forget the plot about cabals and the Illuminati, just go with it, as a suburban housewife and her children infiltrate a facility housing adult babies who are turning into pigs...yeah, pigs! Loads of in-jokes ("I've come to get you, Barbara") and insane visuals give this film a reason to be watched. It is a straight to cult status movie, reminding me a lot of Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste". The gore is great and the screenplay twisted as hell. I loved this film and recommend it to anyone who enjoys their entertainment truly grotesque and hysterical.

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