Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!


Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Musical / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 12687

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Dana Ashbrook as Boy on Boat
Jack Riley as Salesman
Gregg Berger as Sergeant
Eric Christmas as Senator Polk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by medrjel 5 / 10

An Honest review

I will be the first to admit I absolutely ADORE this film. I absolutely love the sendup of horror films that seemed to exist up to that time. However, it really is a bad film.

I gave it a 5. Why, I think it is honestly a movie you will either love or hate. It is hard to be ambivalent about this film. The effects are cheesy, the dialogue silly, and the concept even sillier. Yet, I don't think it could of been pulled off any better. I think everyone should check this film out at least once, but do it with friends.

"Could someone please pass the ketchup?"

Reviewed by MrVibrating 6 / 10

It's hilarious moments are just enough to cover the dullness in between

Attack of the killer tomatoes is low-budget's answer to summer blockbuster Snakes on a Plane. Technically, it's the other way around, since AOTKT came first, but whatever. It's dumb, it has a small cult following, and you understand the plot when you read the title.

Tomatoes, you know, the kind in salads, attack people. This is shown in the movie, mostly as tomatoes being thrown at people with tomatoes on the ground everywhere. This continues for an entire movie, which might sound repetitive, but there's other side-tracks of the story as well, which more often than not are very funny.

The production values are non-existent but the filmmakers do their best to cover them up("I'm sorry, gentlemen, for the size of this room", the general says and then all the scientists climb over each other to get a seat) There are lots of silly plot points and many totally unnecessary, some funny and some not. Whenever it gets draggy, there's usually something really funny just in time. That's not bad.

If you need to have this told to you, then you will not like this movie, but I'll tell you anyway: Do NOT take this movie seriously. Enjoy the musical numbers, the stupid "Jaws"-like tomato attacks, the crazy characters, and all the other details that in then end makes AOTKT a fun experience.

Reviewed by l_ratna 7 / 10

A must see cult classic

Being an overt fan of B-flicks I have to say that I really enjoyed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. First of all it has one of the most funniest theme songs I've ever heard. Secondly it tries very hard at being a funny slapstick, fails at this miserably and in doing so becomes hilarious. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a brilliantly bad low budget movie and a must see for anyone with a sense of humor.

I'll leave you with a part of the theme song: Attack of the killer tomatoes! Attack of the killer tomatoes! They'll beat you, bash you, Squish you, mash you Chew you up for brunch And finish you off for dinner or lunch Lunch, lunch Dinner or lunch, lunch, lunch Dinner or luuuuuunch.

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