Attack on Finland

2021 [FINNISH]

Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 445

police finland terrorist attack serbia independence day

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June 08, 2022 at 02:40 PM


Top cast

Hanna Björn as Säpo psychologist
Jasper Pääkkönen as Markus 'Max' Tanner
Sverrir Gudnason as Vasa Jankovic
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English 2.0
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1 hr 59 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tuozee 8 / 10

Refreshing to see finnish action

Good action packed film. Character building is lacking though and there is even too many changes in location. Hopefully there will be more finnish action movies, doesnt even need to be this "international".

Reviewed by liikka 8 / 10

Surprisingly enjoyable film

This is probably controversial but.... This movie looks very, very beautiful. It is so aesthetically pleasing. Also the costumes look really nice!

The soundtrack is nothing groundbreaking. It sounds nice and goes well with the scenes.

The biggest problems I had with this movie is that they killed off so many characters way too early.

Also the book doesn't have a proper protagonist other than Johanna... so why did they have to replace her with two other protagonists? Max Tanner? Huh? Why couldn't they just have Johanna and Antti from the book? And why is there an irish M?

Also I wish that the start would be more similar to the book. It feels way too confusing so starting it off with a prison breakout would have worked way better.

The last problem I have is that the serbs are genuinely terrifying masterminds who are good old pals and the conflict they have with eachother in the book is really interesting. Why did they cut all of it out? It really makes them look like bland villains ):

I like this film and will definitely get a Blu-ray of it if they ever make one. I just really wish that they could have made the movie more loyal to the book because in my opinion the book is perfect for a movie on its own. Sad that we missed out on a lot of good scenes though. Was really looking forward to seeing them ): Considering the godawful production hell Omerta 6/12 went through and the quite small budget this movie is surprisingly enjoyable and I hope that we could see more Finnish action in the future!

Reviewed by Same-eYes 6 / 10

Nothing new to this genre

Only special thing is that it's Finnish. No any interesthing characters. Perhaps some other direct should make this. But I guess there's no any good action film director in Finland. Ups! I forget, there is. Renny Harlin. But he wasn't available. I guess he was busy with Luokkakokous 3.

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