Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery


Crime / Mystery

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Ben Wilkinson as Attorney
Ellie Harvie as Lillian Tibbett
Catherine Lough Haggquist as Mayor Terry Sternholz
Jesse Moss as Dustin Sykes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

"When they think you're a nonentity they don't think you're capable of murder"

Candace Cameron Bure is back again as our mystery solving librarian Aurora Teagarden. The victim this time is an old friend from way back who is just about to launch her own line of craft products. Though the victim is nice, she also can be quite pushy about getting her own way.

Suspects abound in this for Bure and her reporter sidekick Lexa Doig. The victim was about to get married and suspicion falls on all kinds of people the victim's fiance, her stepmother, her lawyer and others get vetted during the course of the movie. But it's only something that our librarian spots by chance turns their attention to someone no one, not even the cops considered.

There's some truth to what the killer said. Cultivate the persona of a nonentity and you can get away with a lot.

Reviewed by westsideschl 2 / 10

Bored Housewife Candy

Overbearing acting while pushing the stereotypical feminine personality. Lots of eye candy actors for the romance subplot angle. Obvious demographic target of daytime TV soap watcher, and romance & crime novel readers. Clothing, props, makeup all perfect, clean, new w/frequent changes. The usual interpersonal conflicts amongst/between the police & our librarian investigator. Least expected usually did it.

Mostly filmed in B. C. but opening waterfall scene shot in N. Y. Usual crime scene post-it board with photos, info & lines connecting suspects - least expected guilty as usual. Cheap production showing a few seconds of posed dead body.

Reviewed by atlasmb 4 / 10

Weak Writing Makes This Episode Less Than Sew-Sew

This is the eighth in the series of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, starring Candace Cameron Bure, and the second I have watched. It begins with the murder of a close friend who recently moved back to Lawrenceton. She was finding success with her online craft instruction business, but they found her stabbed to death in the house she was renting from Aurora's mother.

We don't necessarily expected Agatha Christie-like writing from these Hallmark Channel mysteries, but crime-solvers are more interesting if they contain a clever, believable twist. Unfortunately, this story relies on clues, coincidences, and assistance falling into the lap of our librarian sleuth. And in the end, she never really solves this murder. Worst of all, though we understand the victim was a close personal friend, Aurora (Roe) never shows much grief. She talks about how the crime is tough to handle, but the emotions are not there.

Aurora and her "regulars" work the case in parallel to the police detective in charge of the official investigation, sometimes sharing evidence. There are plenty of suspects and a basketful of red herrings.

In one of the final scenes, someone stumbles across the murder weapon. The coroner had determined the weapon had a serrated blade, so naturally when a pair of pinking shears is discovered, the case is all but closed, right? We are supposed to believe that, but everyone knows that pinking shears have saw-toothed "blades", not serrated. And no coroner would equate the width of a pinking shears blade with that of a common steak knife. And how many people would think of stabbing someone with pinking shears, given their thickness? This solution to the crime is inadequate and unbelievable.

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