2011 [GERMAN]

Drama / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Uwe Boll as SS Guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pob75 2 / 10

Even if sincere, this fails miserably.....

The best I can say is that this gets people talking/thinking about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. That is why 2 stars, not one.

I have no idea if the intentions of Uwe Boll were noble. It doesn't feel to me like he was trying to be exploitative. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I'm not sure attempting to show the true horror of Auschwitz in this way is useful or necessary. Either way, if this is the best you can manage as "realistic" and suggest as coming anywhere close to the true horror of Auschwitz you should not have bothered.

Nothing looks or feels right. The trains are not dark enough or packed enough. All the buildings are totally wrong. I could go on and on and on....... Admittedly budget probably prevented giving any idea of the true scale of the industrial conveyor belt of death that occurred at Auschwitz, but given that why not zoom in and follow one or two people as individuals with much narrower focus? Or better still just stick with the interviews of german teens along with some of the facts and archive images.

The interviews and, for the most part, stunning lack of knowledge about the holocaust are the only compelling parts. The problem is I'm not convinced by this film that Uwe Boll's knowledge of this part of history is much better than the majority of interviewees.

Something like Son Of Saul is far more effective at achieving what Uwe Boll claims to have wanted to achieve.

Reviewed by simon-koranter 2 / 10

Stay away from this one. Far away. Seriously!

This is the worst film ever made about WW2 and the Holocaust. It's probably been shot at a farmhouse somewhere, no resemblance to Auschwitz whatsoever. The scenes are ridiculous, acting is dreadful. They didn't even bother with hiring enough extras to fill up a train cart and the gas chamber. It all looks like a field trip that ended up a bit badly.

Uwe Boll apparently wanted to raise awareness about the Holocaust with the younger generations in Germany, but has blundered monstrously. This is a joke, and instead of raising awareness it raises your lunch. In my case, it was just some yogurt, but bad enough nevertheless.

As noble as Uwe Boll's intentions might be, please use some quality cinema on the topic and numerous "genuine" documentaries. There's a lot of those about, high-quality and accurate ones, so just chuck this one out immediately. In case you were stupid enough to cough up some cash for this joke. I was, for one.

Reviewed by kevin_silbstedt 2 / 10

Fails as a historic film AND as a movie

You would think, that someone, who made it his goal to show how Auschwitz really was, would at least try to find out, well, how it really was and do some research, but no, not Uwe Boll. I'm a becoming history teacher, so forgive me, if I expect from a movie, that wants to show how it was, to actually show how it was.

So where do I begin, I just make a list of things, that were wrong. This list is not complete, but these things just stuck in my mind after seeing these "movie":

1. There is 0 indication from the movie alone (if we ignore its title), that it plays in Auschwitz. It could have been easily played at Majdanek for example) The only indication, that this plays in Auschwitz, is the presence of these wire net columns in the gas chamber, but of course, those things worked and looked completely different than in the movie and the gas chamber looked nothing like the real ones in Krema II or III. The size was wrong, the position of the wire net columns was wrong, their appearance was wrong, the door to the gas chamber was wrong, the walls were wrong, there was no ventilation system visible and so on and on.

2. The building with the gas chambers and the ovens looked nothing like any extermination facility in Auschwitz. If you don't want to build a whole crematory for your movie, than either don't produce such a movie or just show a different extermination facility, like Bunker I or II, which were farm houses that were transferred into gas chambers.

3. You got to be kidding me about the number of people, that were actually sent to the gas chamber in this movie. Was their a shortage of actors willing to act in this crappy movie? In reality, there was no room to even breath in these chambers. And why did they shoot the kids in front of the building and not gas them with the other victims? This not only makes no sense, but it's again far from the reality of Auchwitz. Yeah, I know, Boll just wanted to "shock" his audience.

4. The ovens looked nothing like the real ones. For Christs sake, is it to hard to look at the homepage of the Auschwitz museum or of the company "Topf und Söhne"? And one body at a time? In reality they cremated up to 4 or 5 bodies in one muffle at the same time.

I could go on forever.

If you are interested in how Auschwitz really was, watch the mini series "War and Remembrance" (which only made minor mistakes, but even rebuild a crematory and actually was a good series) or read Pressac book "AUSCHWITZ: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers", which is available online on for example.

If you want to see a good movie and don't care for accuracy, than also stay away from this piece of junk, since it fails as a movie too. In the first part we have a look at students who don't know anything about the holocaust, then we have scenes in which Jews were gassed, cremated and so on, and in the end we have students again, but this time they show at least basic knowledge. And that is it.

There is one (!) good scene, where two SS members talk about the extermination as if it was just some annoying bureaucracy (this scene is the reason for the 2 star review) and that is it. The rest is just plain boring. Yeah, an Auschwitz movie, that is boring. That is something, that is hard to accomplish. Congratulations!

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